Felipe and Letizia support Spanish enterprises in India

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The Prince and the Princess of Asturias, on Monday, began a two day visit to India in order to attend the opening of the new Instituto Cervantes and to support the presence of Spanish enterprises in India.

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On Tuesday Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia began their official engagements with a meeting with Spanish businessmen participants in the business conference Spain-India. Prior the conference, the Prince and Princess had a brief meeting with Sanayangba Chubatoshi Jamir, governor of the state of Maharastra, and with representatives of Indian’s enterprises. Once the meeting finished, they presided over the conference Spain-India in the Crystal Room Central at the Taj Mahal Hotel

“India is a great and friendly country for which Spaniards feel a very special and growing admiration, respect and sympathy,” Prince Felipe said, and added, “For me personally, India bares great childhood memories and so I always feel very happy when ever I have the chance to come back, like today together with the Princess; even though this one is truly a very short visit with no time to enjoy the wonders India has to offer.”

At the evening the Prince and Princess of Asturias along with the Spanish ambassador in India, Ion de la Riva Guzmán de Frutos, met with the Spaniards living in Mumbai.

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Yesterday, Prince Felipe met with Indian minister of foreign affairs, Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna and with the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, in his residence. Afterwards, he joined the Princess to attend the official Inauguration of Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi, the first Instituto Cervantes in India.

They also met with the President of India, Pratibha Patil, who had the opportunity to meet the Spanish Royal Family in a state visit she made early this year. The President hosted a private lunch for the Prince and Princess at the Rastrapathi Bhawan, the Presidential Palace.

Felipe and Letizia visited the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial site to lay down flowers. The Gandhi memorial is located in a park near Yamuna River, which includes other burial site of Indian rules like Nerhu, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi.

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In the evening the Prince and Princess hosted a reception to the Spaniards living in New Delhi. Prince Felipe addressed them with a few warms words of recognition; “For many Indians, Spain is what they see in you, what you represent. In this way, they can appreciate, not only the dynamism of a modern and opened Spain that we have forged in these three decades of democracy and freedom, but its vitality and creative force, our virtues as integration, plural, rich and diverse land.”

To finish their visit the Felipe and Letizia went to the Hyderabad Palace, where the Vice-president of the republic hosted a dinner in their honour.

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