Queen Fabiola Mistakenly Declared Dead Yet Again

  November 9, 2009 at 9:34 am by

Several days ago, “De Morgen” newspaper announced the death of Queen Fabiola on their website.

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The announcement read: “Sixteen years after the death of her husband King Baudouin, Her Majesty passed away at the age of 81. Her health has been frail in the last few years and the pneumonia she suffered from recently proved fatal.”

The Royal Palace was quick to deny the news and the “De Morgen” apologized for the mistake. This is not the first time Queen Fabiola’s death was erroneously declared: earlier in January, VRT and Gazet van Antwerpen made a similar mistake, issuing premature arbitraries.

This is a very unfortunate time for such mistakes as there has been an increasing concern for Her Majesty’s health; just about two weeks ago, the Palace announced that Queen Fabiola will not attend any official functions in near future because of her frail health.

Queen Fabiola is currently recovering in Spain.

For more news and information about the Queen, visit this thread.

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