Reza Pahlavi Celebrates his 49th Birthday

  November 4, 2009 at 6:11 pm by

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Prince Reza Cyrus Pahlavi celebrated his 49th birthday on October 31st, 2009 in the company of his family at Empress Farah’s house in Washington (USA).

In honour of the occasion, Reza Pahlavi has released new photos of him with his family on his Facebook page.

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Born on October 31st, 1960 in Tehran (Iran), Prince Reza is the eldest son of the late Emperor of Iran, Mohammed Reza, and Empress Farah. Reza’s siblings include Princess Farahnaz (1963), Prince Ali Reza (1966), as well as a half-sister, Princess Shahnaz (1940). His youngest sister, Princess Leila, died on June 10, 2001.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979 Reza Pahlavi, former Crown Prince of Iran, has lived in Egypt and Morocco, and since 1984 in the United States.

Prince Reza married Yasmine Etemad Amini on June 12, 1986. They have three daughters: Noor (April 3, 1992), Iman (September 12, 1993) and Farah (January 17, 2004).

Reza Pahlavi is a prominent voice for the cause of democracy and liberty in his homeland. The Prince has written a number of books including “Gozashteh va Ayandeh” (2000), “Winds of Change ” (2002) and “Iran L’Heure du Choix “(2009).

You can find more pictures on Reza’s facebook page.

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3 Responses to Reza Pahlavi Celebrates his 49th Birthday

  1. Allen says:

    Dorod bekaraan bar shoma I would like tell you prince Reza we love you and we support you until we die.


  2. pushpa says:

    where are his surviving siblings…neither of whom ever got married or had kids

  3. Frau S. says:

    The younger brother had a daughter, she was born after his death. You will see her and her mother on the official pictures from the Iranian New Year.
    If Farahnaz was ever married?- who knows.
    Did you ever think about they maybe want to protect their beloved ones, and do not tell they world they are married?
    I wouldn’t, too. If I look at those muslim bandits, I would prefer, too, the world letting think I have no children.

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