Märtha Louise: “Meet your Guardian Angel”

  November 4, 2009 at 9:35 am by

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Elisabeth Samnoy have written a new book: “Møt din skytsengel”, or in english:”Meet your Guardian Angel”.
In that book the two women teach others how to get in touch with angels.

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“A Guardian Angel is personal. Everyone has an own guardian angel. To find it,you have to face yourself in an honest and loving way,” the princess said in an interview.

She also talked about how scared she was to investigate her internal, “I was convinced that I basically was an evil person” she says. She adds that she did not find malice, but only love.
You can see a whole interview with the two authors here.
You can find a special page about the book at facebook. Have a look here.

On October 29th 2009 Princess Märtha Louise spoke about her angel school and the new book to TV-host Fredrik Skavlan in the talkshow “Skavlan” on Swedish public chanel
SVT in Stockholm.

You can find a thread about the new book here.

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2 Responses to Märtha Louise: “Meet your Guardian Angel”

  1. Bill Hannon says:

    Dear Princess Martha Louise and Elisabeth Samnoy –

    Are there any plans to promote he book in the USA? I am a stong believer of the topic of Guardian Angels.

    With kind regards,
    Bill Hannon

  2. Mio Frisch says:

    Where can I buy Princess Martha Louise’s books in English?

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