Princess Lalla Hasna opens the 1st Arab Women Investors International Congress

  October 29, 2009 at 9:03 pm by

Princess Lalla Hasna, the sister of HM King Mohammed VI, opened on Wednesday in Skhirat (south of Rabat) the first International Congress of Arab Women Investors (28-30 October).

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Addressing the Congress the princess stressed the importance of education and training for young girls in order to foster women entrepreneurial culture. She insisted on the need to enable girls, especially in rural areas, to go to school and to encourage them to enroll in high-tech vocational training, finance and management all the more so because women make valuable contributions to socio-economic development.

In this regard, Princess Lalla Hasna underlined the importance of the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD), an ambitious program launched by King Mohammed VI in 2005 to fight poverty. The social and economic policy adopted by Morocco helped to protect the rights of women and children while ensuring human dignity the Princess said.

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On the sidelines of the Congress, Princess Lalla Hasna inaugurated an exhibition of handicraft products of Arab countries,and received a shield from the Union for the efforts made by the princess in the field of environmental protection in her capacity as “Ambassador of the Coast”. She also received on behalf of her brother the King another memorial shield tribute to the action of the Sovereign for the promotion of women’s rights.

Organized by the Union of Arab Women Investors on October 28-30,and held under the patronage of the King Mohammed VI, the congress discusses issues related to investment amid international environment and the new investment opportunities. The Union of Arab Women Investors was Created in December 2004 in Egypt, the Union works in the framework of the Arab Economic Union Council. It includes 16 Arab countries: Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria,Saudi Arabia, Soudan, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco and Egypt.

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