Prince Hassan participates in WANA Conference

  October 26, 2009 at 8:00 pm by

Prince Hassan bin Talal on Sunday participated at the first WANA Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Recovery Consultation in Amman, Jordan.

In his speech, the Prince called for a road map for human security in the West Asia and North Africa region, he said it is useless to talk about human, economic and natural resources without talking about the ‘carrying capacity’ of the region, which consequently leads to recovery capacity. He also stressed the need to strengthen the autonomy of human beings through “education for citizenship”.

Prince Hassan suggested that one avenue is through promoting awareness of global and regional commons, and building concepts which fit the views and aspirations of the peoples of the region for a secure and stable future. He added that the key issue that must be focused on is social cohesion, warning that “continuing to live on isolated islands and to promote narrow identities would exacerbate the crises in the region, and reinforce the stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims as terrorists”.

He stressed that it is time to live up to international standards and consider the importance of coordination at the regional level.

The consultation was attended by various experts, specialists and representatives of United Nations including former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Lakhdar Brahimi, Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mohammed Shtayyeh, the Chairman of Council for Development and Reconstruction in Lebanon, Nabil Al-Jisr, and a representative of the Minister of Rural Developmentin Afghanistan, Ehsan Zia.

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