Concerns for Queen Fabiola’s Health

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The Palace announced that Queen Fabiola will not attend any of the activities of the Royal Family in near future.

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This, as the announcement reads, is because Her Majesty is currently recovering from pneumonia; she feels exhausted and needs rest. The Palace spokesman hastened to add that there is nothing wrong with the Queen: “She walks and moves, but she is tired and needs rest. She cannot take long walks.”

Queen Fabiola hasn’t been seen in public for a while now; the last public event she attended was a Mass in honour of her husband, the late King Baudouin, which took place on July 31 at Notre Dame de Laeken in Brussels; the mass is an annual event and the Queen has never yet missed one.

Her last appearance was far from reassuring: Her Majesty was in a wheelchair, which, according to the Palace, was because of severe fatigue. It was in stark contrast with her energetic appearance during Belgian National Day on July 21: bravely refusing to be intimidated after receiving death threats just days earlier, the Queen mocked her would-be assassins by waving an apple – a reference to Swiss folk hero William Tell.

The next chance to see Queen Fabiola will be on November 15, the King’s Day: she is still expected to addend the celebrations.

To learn more about Queen Fabiola’s current activities, visit this thread.

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