Duke of Vendôme Quarrels With Father

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A new classic Orleans feud has been made public in this weeks issue of Point de Vue. This time the heir to the dynasty, prince Jean, attacked his father, the count of Paris. The count is the head of the Orleans family and one of the pretenders to the French throne. The count recently married Micaela Cousiño in a religious ceremony in Arcangues. The couple married in a civil ceremony in 1984, after the count divorceed his first wife, duchess Marie-Thérèse of Württemberg.

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Prince Jean, duke of Vendôme has released a communiqué in which he disapproves of his father’s religious remarriage and of the annulment of the wedding between his parents. He says he considers it ridicule, of bad taste and offensive to the laws of God and the royal family of France. In Point de Vue the prince says that he has a difficult relationship with his father, who he saw very little since he was 9 years old. The prince also says he was against the sale of the estate of the late coutness of Paris (née princess Isabel of Brazil).

The magazine also writes that the prince wrote an e-mail to his cousins just before the count would marry religiously in Arcangues, urging them all not to attend the wedding. In the end, only few members of the Orléans family were present at the wedding, among them the duke of Anjou with his wife the duchess of Cadaval and princesses Chantal and Claude. None of the count’s children were present at the wedding. Prince Jean claims that a reconsiliation with his father is out of the question.

In a statement issued by the count of Paris, the count reminds his son that he is forgetting who of them is the father and who is the son.

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