95th Birthday of Duke Carl von Croÿ

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Carl, 14th Duke of Croÿ celebrates his 95th birthday today.

One of the oldest surviving Royals, Duke Carl is the Head of Princely House of Croÿ. He was born as Carl Emanuel Ludwig Petrus Eleonore Alexander Rudolf Engelbert Benno on October 11, 1914 to Karl Rudolf, 13th Duke of Croÿ and his wife Nancy Leishman, an American heiress and daughter of Pittsburgh industrialist John Leishman (former US Ambassador to Germany and president of Carnegie Steel). The Duke succeeded his father Karl Rudolf as Head of the House of Croÿ in 1974.

Prince Carl married Princess Gabrielle of Bavaria, daughter of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and his second wife, Princess Antonia of Luxembourg. Their children are:
1) Princess Marie-Therese Princess von Croÿ, born in 1954. She is not married but does have a daughter, Laura von Croÿ, born in 1986.
2) Hereditary Prince Rudolph Carl Rupprecht von Croÿ, born in 1955. In 1987, he married Countess Alexandra Miloradovich, the daughter of Baroness Agnes von Hoenning-O’Carrol (the daughter of Baron Zdenko von Hoenning-O’Carrol and Princess Margarite of Lobkowicz), who descends from the Trubetskoy princely lineage. They have six children: Prince Carl Philip (born in 1989), Princess Xenia (born in 1990), Prince Marc (born in 1992), Prince Heinrich (born in 1993), Prince Alexander (born in 1995) and Princess Anastasia (born in 1998).
3) Prince Stefan Clemens von Croÿ, born in 1959. He married Countess Beatrice du Chastel de la Howarderie in 1990. Their children are Princess Charlotte (born in 1992), Prince Lionel (born in 1996) and Princess Camille (born in 1998).

The House of Croÿ gave birth to many illustrious members, among them 1 Grand Equerry of the King of Spain, 1 Grand-Bouteiller, Grand-Maitre and Marshal of France, 1 Russian Field-Marshal, 8 Imperial Field-Marshals and 20 Generals, 3 governors of the Netherlands, over 30 Ambassadors and Senators in Austria, France and Belgium, 32 Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece, a Prince of Masovia, 2 cardinals (one of whom was also Archbishop of Toledo, while the other was Archbishop of Rouen), 2 bishops-dukes of Cambria and 5 bishops.

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6 Responses to 95th Birthday of Duke Carl von Croÿ

  1. Angela says:

    So where is the Dukedom of Croy based?

  2. nicole says:

    Surely the dates are wrong for a couple of these marriages???? They would have been 5 years old when they married??

  3. JessRulz says:

    Thank you for picking up on that Nicole, I have edited the entry to remove the incorrect dates. They will be correct by the blog author as soon as possible.

    -JessRulz, Blog Editor

  4. Marsel says:

    Thank you for noticing the mistake, Nicole. The dates have been corrected.

    The House of Croÿ has vast lands in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and some lands in Italy. The family’s primal residence, as well as home of their ancestral Croÿ Castle (ancestral to the existing Croÿ-Solre line) is the Netherlands.

  5. Ethan says:

    How interesting? I have a family tree and it goes up to a Jean de Croy.

  6. Charlie says:

    Was the sister of the 14th Duke, Marie-Louise who married to Frederick Adams, Jn., (director of the Morgan Library in NY) and was living in France
    Many thanks

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