President Sarkozy’s Middle East Trip

  February 12, 2009 at 1:36 am by

President Sarkozy in Oman

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After an unexpected visit to Baghdad on 10 February, President Nicholas Sarkozy of France visited the Gulf States of Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait to confer with the rulers of those countries on both military and civilian issues. This visit follows visits by the President in 2008 to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, which also led to agreemements, most significantly an agreement for France to set up a military base in the UAE and also a deal for development of nuclear energy.

During the most recent trip, President Sarkozy signed a declaration about nuclear energy and an agreement for a French military base in Bahrain (similar to last year’s agreements with the UAE), and an agreement on health care in Oman.

This series of trips and agreements is likely to make France one of the most significant players, if not the most significant, in the Middle East in the early 21st century.

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