Religious Wedding of the Count & Countess of Paris

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TRH Prince Henri and Princess Micaela d’Orleans, Count and Countess of Paris, married yesterday in a religious ceremony in Arcangues, France. They had previously married in a civil ceremony in 1984, after the divorce of the Count from his first wife Maria Teresa of Wurttemberg, Duchess of Montpensier; the religious wedding took place after the annulment of the Count’s previous marriage was granted by the Roman Rota last year.

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Despite Henri being the Head of his Family, this wedding was attended only by a few people; nobody of his five children was present, while the son of the Princess, Alexis, attended; among his siblings and nephews, only his sisters-in-law Princess Beatrice, Countess of Evreux, and Princess Marion, Dowager Countess of La Marche, with their sons Prince Charles-Philippe, Duke of Anjou, with his wife Princess Diana, Duchess of Cadaval, and Prince Robert, Count of La Marche, were expected to attend the wedding; among the French and European aristocracy were present Prince Alexander and Princess Lea of Belgium, Princess Nesrine Tousson, the Duke and the Duchess d’Uzes, the Duchess of Segorbe, the Dowager Duchess of Magenta, the Marquis and the Marchioness of Arcangues, Countess Ariane de Bourbon-Busset and Count Paul de la Panouse.

Most of the guests were also witnesses: for the Count of Paris were the Duke of Uzes, the Duchess of Segorbe (his cousin) and Count de la Panouse; for the Countess of Paris were the Duchess of Magenta, the Marquis of Arcangues and the Countess of Bourbon-Busset.

The ceremony was celebrated at 6.30pm in the Church of Saint Jean Baptiste by father Dominique Dye, chapelain of the order of Malta, and by abbé Jean-Marie Mouhica.

A reception was held after the wedding ceremony in the Chateau d’Arcangues, where a dinner for 130 guests was hosted.

The Count of Paris, born in 1933, is the head of the French Royal Family and the claimant to the French Throne since the death of his father in 1999; he is the son of Prince Henri, Count of Paris, and his wife Princess Isabelle, née Princess d’Orleans-Bragança; he was firstly married between 1957 and 1984 to Duchess Maria Theresa of Wurttemberg, with whom he had 5 children; one of them, Jean, married last May in Senlis.

The Countess of Paris is 5 years younger then her husband, and she is the daughter of Don Luis Cousiño y Sebire and his wife Dona Antonia Maria Quiñones de Léon y Bañuelos, 4th Marchioness of San Carlos, Grandee of Spain; the Countess was previously married to Jean Robert Boeuf, with whom she had a son, Alexis.

More infos about the Count and the Countess can be found in this thread; more infos about their wedding can be found in this thread.

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