Queen Sonja in Rome

  September 26, 2009 at 1:48 pm by

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On September 24th, Queen Sonja of Norway attended the Norwegian Institute in Rome’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The celebration took place at the American Institute in Villa Aurelia. The program included artistic and technical elements.

During her speech at the Institute the Queen said: “I must admit that I feel a little envious of the students at the Institute – who have the chance to delve into history and study art and architecture precisely here in Rome, so close to the sources – as we have heard is quite necessary. We can clearly see that understanding the past is the very key to understanding our own time, and possibly get an idea about the future.”

On Saturday the Queen was a guest of honor when the photographer Morten Krogvold opened his exhibition “Places in Rome”. Morten Krogvold has been passionately involved in photography since he was a young boy. Today he is one of the leading photographers.

Read more about the Queen’s visit to Rome here.

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