Trial for Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy

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Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the 72 year old son of the late King Umberto II of Italy and his wife Queen Maria José, will be put on trial, accused of having took part in criminal association with the purpose of corruption of officials. The trial will begin on 21 December 2009, at 9.30am in Potenza, Italy.

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He has told to the press to trust in the verification of the facts, and to be very sad due to these charges; his lawyer has declared to be “disappointed as a lawyer and scared as a citizen because the air has been used as a proof” of these accusations.

He was arrested after a casually-begun investigation on 16 June 2006 together with other 12 people, accused of corruption, exploitation of prostitution, extortion, having lied in official documents, threats, abetment. He was released a week later, and placed under house arrest until 20 July 2006, when he was definitely released.

His arrest and the charges he is accused of had induced his cousin Prince Amedeo of Savoy to publicly state his claims to the Headship of House Savoy, being “in presence of facts that can injure the Royal House.” According to Prince Amedeo, Vittorio Emanuele lost his rights to the Italian Throne because he married Marina Ricolfi Doria without the (never requested) permission of the then Head of the Family King Umberto II; the never authorized marriage has implied for Vittorio Emanuele the loss of all his rights to the Italian Throne and of all his titles for himself and his descendants, according to the rules of Savoy Family.

This is the second trial for Vittorio Emanuele, after the one following the murder of Dirk Hamer in 1978; Vittorio Emanuele was charged of having killed him and offensive weapon possession, but the Assize Court of Paris acquitted him from the first accusation in 1991 with a very controversial decision. Later in 2006, he has been recorded during a phone call, talking about this trial and the french judges admitting that he “was in the wrong” but that he “fooled them”.

More about Vittorio Emanuele can be found in this thread.

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