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Big Relief for Bolivia as President Evo Morales Visits Spain

  September 21, 2009 at 1:12 pm by

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Evo Morales, the first native Aymaran president of Bolivia, returned to Spain after three years to make another visit (although his first state visit) and meet with King Juan Carlos, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodrí­guez Zapatero, and Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The state visit occurred last September 14, 2009. Bolivia is in for some relief from Spain as Mr Morales was to sign an agreement cancelling his country’s €70 million debt to Spain. Another milestone of the visit was Mr. Morales’s meeting with representatives from the Spanish energy sector as he pushes for the nationalization of the Bolivian energy sector.

Mr. Morales is also pushing for the granting of a legal status to Bolivian immigrants living in Spain, which currently number to about 225,000. Most of these immigrants do not have permits.

The Bolivian president’s ascent to power marked a turning point in his country as he became the first person from an indigenous tribe to get into the highest position in the land. And everywhere Morales goes he makes sure people know his origins: his formal jackets always feature designs familiar to the natives, usually wearing a chompa. His Spanish guests were also given the chance to see his unique suits.

TRF has more photos of the visit (and of Evo Morales’ suits) here.

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