Prince Radu Duda drops bid for Presidency

  September 3, 2009 at 6:41 pm by

Just days ago it emerged that the support ratings of Prince Radu’s presidential campaign hit double digits for the first time. That, however, was apparently not enough to keep the husband of Crown Princess Margarita of Romania in fight for Cotroceni Palace: yesterday, Prince Radu announced that his campaign is over.

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The Prince said he was very sad to make the decision but had ‘hopes for the future’. He maintained that the election campaign was not a fair race but merely a fight between different political clans: “Most Romanian politicians act as though the state and public institutions are personal goods. The current president began the process of privatization of the Romanian state. The next president will continue it.”

Radu Duda announced his intention to fun for Presidency in April and registered as an independent candidate, without links to or support of any political party. At the time, Prince Radu declared that should he be successful, he would not seek to restore the Monarchy.

Former King Michael of Romania supported both his son-in-law’s campaign and his decision to end it.

You can read more about the Royal Family of Romania in this thread.

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