Golden Wedding Anniversary Festivities

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On 30 August, the Belgian King and Queen hosted a garden party to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. At the same time, the wedding anniversaries of the other Belgian royals were commemorated, as this year is also the silver wedding anniversary of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, as well as the 10th wedding anniversary for Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, and the 6th wedding anniversary for Prince Laurent and Princess Claire.

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To celebrate all these festivities, the royals organized a garden party on the grounds of the Palace of Laeken, where the guests could wander around, meeting the royals and enjoying the entertainment. Many of the guests were couples with the same wedding date as one of the royal couples.

The festivities, however, were overshadowed by an accident. Two carriages collided after one horse was stung by an insect and the driver could not regain control. The people sitting in the carriages were flung out and got injured. Two were only lightly injured, but two others more severely, probably having broken bones. First aid was provided by the military medics who were on stand-by, and the injured were quickly transported to a hospital to receive further care. The festivities were not interrupted, but in a public statement, Palace officials said they regretted the accident deeply.

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