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Salary Increase for the Danish Royal Family

  August 25, 2009 at 5:51 am by

According to, the Danish Royal Family will next year receive an increase in their allowances totalling 1.9 million kroner.

The Queen’s husband Prince Henrik will receive a total budget of 7.1 million kroner, which is a rise of 200,000 kroner from last year, whilst Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will receive an increase of 100,000 kroner, for a total of 3.1 million. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will have their budget increased by 400,000 kroner, to a total of 17.6 million. Princess Benedikte, sister of Queen Margrethe, will be given a total of 1.1 million kroner, and even Count Ingolf, the cousin of the Queen, will receive an increase of 100,000 kroner.

The former wife of Prince Joachim, Countess Alexandra, will also be given an increased budget of 2.1 million kroner, an increase of 100,000 upon last year. However, as a private citizen, the Countess does not have tax-exempt status and will as such be paying tax upon it.

For more information, please see this thread.

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