Jordan Royal Family’s Summer Holiday

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King Abdullah of Jordan, Queen Rania and their four children have been enjoying Italy and the South of France according to Rania’s twitter enteries and pictures. Queen Rania was spotted shopping and walking around Porto Cervo, Sardenia. Speaking about Italy, Queen Rania said on her twitter page “In Italy…gosh I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it!”

After Sardenia, the royal family went to the South of France. Queen Rania met with supermodel Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin while leaving Club 55 where she was having lunch with the family. King Abdullah and Queen Rania met with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni where Queen Rania said on her twitter page “Just had lovely casual lunch with President Sarkozy and Carla at their holiday retreat..Nice to see him so well and relaxed. Such natural surroundings only infuse him with more passion and focus 4 advancement of his people. Carla of course, is gorgeous, inside & out. (sic)” King Abdullah made time for his Harley Davidson while their yacht was docked.

The family and friends were staying on a yacht that could take up to 36 guests and 30 crew members. It had a jacuzzi, gym, childrens play room which were among the many other rooms available.

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