Mette-Marit and the “Coming-Out” Stories

  August 16, 2009 at 1:22 pm by

Princess Mette-Marit has written the preface of a book about several ‘coming out’ stories of various Norwegians. The book is due to come out in August; and is entitled “Skapsprengerne” (in English: “Those who blow up the closet”). The book deals with tolerance and understanding for homosexuals.

The book, which will be divided into two parts, presents new research on homosexuality directed at people working with youth, and 17 coming-out stories from different people in Norway. Mette-Marit wrote the preface of the book.

There she says: “I hope that this book will create discussion and reflection about how important it is to be allowed to be a whole human being, and how we can help each other to become just that.”

The book’s editor is the Minister of Children and Equal Rights, Anniken Huitfelt, and senior advisors at her department. The book will be handed out in Norwegian schools.

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