Prince Laurent in Hospital

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Prince Laurent has been admitted to the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, in Brussels, since last Sunday, due to pneumonia. The Prince was on holiday in Sardinia, visiting friends, when he suddenly realized he was getting feverish. Fearing that he had the H1N1 variant of the flu, he insisted on being treated in Belgium as soon as possible. The family was flown back to Brussels and the Prince was admitted to a Belgian hospital upon his arrival.

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The doctors soon saw he had pneumonia, and are giving him the appropriate treatment. The prince was contaminated by his daughter, Princess Louise, who has already recovered from her pneumonia. The Prince has left the hospital today.

For a discussion, see this thread.

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One Response to Prince Laurent in Hospital

  1. avrilo says:

    Although your post is about Prince Laurent’s health I’ve noticed you named the H1N1 influenza the Mexican flu. This is politically incorrect, because it can be used as discriminatory towards the Mexican people (when the flu started, mexican tourists were being held in hotels in Asia against they will or knowledge when they will go home). That is why when Israel suggested that name the mexican ambassador there filed a formal complain.

    Even the name Swine Flu is politically incorrect towards swine, because of that name thousands of porks were killed without reason in Egypt, because they feared the virus might get to humans there.

    Other than that, I wish Prince Laurent to recover soon

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