Prince Philippe visits Fire-Struck Nursing Home

  August 8, 2009 at 1:50 pm by

Prince Philippe returned from his holiday in France to visit the nursing home which was struck by a terrible fire last Thursday evening. Nine of the residents died in the fire, which was probably caused by a short circuit in a television or an electrical fan.

First, the Prince went to the mortuary to greet the bodies of the nine victims. He sympathised with the families, who were also present.

Prince Philippe also talked to the emergency services and the numerous volunteers, many of them neighbours of the nursing home, who had helped the residents to escape the fire. Special attention was given to two teenagers who happened to pass by, and who helped three of the elderly residents to a safer place.

The commander of the fire fighters explained that the visit of Prince Philippe was mostly a morale boost for his men. He explained that in such difficult times, with nine lives lost, it was good to see they were supported by the Royal family.

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