Unlikely Union of Views: Russian Government and Opposition – “Monarchy may be what we need”

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One of the prominent Russian politicians recently disclosed that the Kremlin Administration is considering reinstatement of Monarchy (constitutional Monarchy) in Russia, akin to the British model. The Russian Government believes that the Monarch could be the person who would be able to unify the country and serve as an important symbol in troublesome times.

Now, it appears that the Opposition has much the same views.

It can now be revealed that during the recent conference of the Russian opposition (named “Russia after Putin”), leaders of the opposition were discussing the possibility of a Monarchy in Russia. The conference, which took place in July, was attended by all prominent opposition leaders, among them Garry Kasparov, Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov.

However imperfect the current system is, opposition leaders fear that drastic change of the “Putin regime” may lead to the destruction of the country itself. One thing that can ‘save the country from such fate’ is a Monarch who will be above politics and who will unify the people. Therefore, the opposition leaders decreed that it would be a wise move to “invite one of the Romanovs to reign over Russia, for the sake of liberal ideas.”

No, this is not a joke. And yes, the idea was seriously discussed for more than an hour and appeared to score considerable support.

Well, it certainly looks like it’s only a matter of time until one of the Romanovs is asked to come and ‘Reign over Russia’: after all, there are precedents of similar ‘invitations’ in the History of Russia. It remains to be seen who will be quicker – the Government or the Opposition.

There is a hope they will not forget to ask ordinary Russian people what they think about it though.

You can read more about the possibility of restoration of Monarchy in Russia in this thread.

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5 Responses to Unlikely Union of Views: Russian Government and Opposition – “Monarchy may be what we need”

  1. Kasumi says:

    Any prooflink or at least the name of “the prominent politician” if you please.
    I have had read dozens of the articles in the recent news in Russian.
    No evidence the Kremlin will bring the monarchy to Russia.
    This article seems to be only your wishlist without any facts.

  2. Marsel says:

    Certainly. 🙂
    The name of the ‘prominent politician’ is Alexander Belov, former leader of MAII (Movement against Illegal Immigration) and noted historian.
    He made the comments during the recent interview at the end of July.

  3. Zak says:

    HIGHLY Unlikely and nearly impossible, first of all Alexander Belov has no say whats so ever in the laws, it’s Putin’s party which has the most influence and power, just because the opposition mentioned it it doesn’t mean it’s likely to be re-installed, if there was a chance of re-installing the monarchy it would have been within the decade of the aboloishment, from 1917, it would have maybe been re-installed in 1930 like the restoration in France after Napoleon when Louis XVIII took the throne, I wish it would return but dreams are nothing more than wishes, a wish is also just a dream.

  4. Katie says:

    A restoration may be a bit difficult to achieve because of squabbling between the Romanov Family Association and GDss Maria Vladimirovna.

    The problem: who is the rightful heir to the throne? That is assuming the rules from Paul I are followed. According to them, a female may succeed only if there are no legitimate male dynasts. There has been some debate over the marriage of Maria’s father (GD Vladimir Cyrillovich). IIRC, all of the members of the RFA are morganauts (born of unequal marriages), and thus ineligible to succeed).

  5. Father Andrew L.J.James, Ph.D. says:

    The Medieval Russian Chronicle said the people of Kiev wrote to Rurik (the founder of the monarchy in Russia), and said: “O noble Rurik come and reign over us.” If that sounds familiar, it is because the Saxons (who “protected” the Celts, after the Romans left) claimed the Celtic people wrote to them and said: “O Noble Saxons, come, and rule over us.”

    Apparently, both Kievan Rus and the Saxons had an active interest in appearances. If an invitation comes to “one of the Romanovs” from the Kremlin, it will be a first such, ever In the interest of Russian stability, as a descendant of Rurik, though hardly a Romanov, I volunteer to be made Tsar. I have the first requirement covered: I am Russian Orthodox.

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