Queen and Prince Henrik Cancel Annual Press Conference

  July 27, 2009 at 11:45 am by

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik have cancelled their annual press conference at the Prince Consort’s castle in the south of France, surprising both the press and royal watchers.

Klaus Kjøller of the University of Copenhagen said that it was a “step in completely the wrong direction” that could only be seen as a “step away from the people”. However, the cancellation could be simply due to the higher-than-normal exposure of the family over the year, what with the christening and Prince Henrik’s 75th birthday party.

Prince Henrik also surprised Danes by cutting short a four-hour engagement which had been in the works for a long time; upon arriving at the Aabenraa Rifle Club, the Prince Consort said that he could not stay for lunch and the shooting that would take place afterwards, instead staying for only half an hour.

For more information, please see this thread.

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