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  1. Royal station
  2. I now consider myself royal because...
  3. Austrian nobility: Kogelnik
  4. Habsburg claimant to the Spanish throne
  5. More interesting family history finds
  6. I am related to Queen Elizabeth II 22nd cousin 2X removed Fascinating!
  7. Has anyone else taken the Ancestry.com DNA test?
  8. Royal Family Tree
  9. Help with finding information on Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
  10. Why does this person in my tree have a link with Charlemagne?
  11. Cyrid Queen of Sweden born 915 any others related?
  12. Is anyone else related to: Cormac Ulfada "Long Beard" 115th King of Ireland
  13. Lady Bethoc (Beatrix) MacKenneth bloodline
  14. Number of Unique Ancestors of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
  15. Collective History of the Royal Families of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  16. House of Mano history, coat of Arms and genealogy
  17. Nassau Family genealogy
  18. Royal and Noble Families: Dynastic Laws and Marriage Rules
  19. Four Generations
  20. Marriages between Descendants of the Electress Sophia of Hanover (1630-1714)
  21. Alexander the Great descendants
  22. Habsburg Genealogy
  23. General Royal Genealogical questions
  24. Line of Succession to the British Throne
  25. Descendants of Vlad Tepes (aka Vlad the Impaler)
  26. Queen Maxima of The Netherlands
  27. Ties between European and Oriental families
  28. The Kingdom of Tonga: Royal Dynasties
  29. Portugal and Brazil: the Braganša Dynasty
  30. Ottoman Dynasty: House of Osman
  31. Poland: Royalty and Aristocracy
  32. The British Aristocracy
  33. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg
  34. Descendants of Royals of the British Isles
  35. Royalty of Latin America