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  1. Claim of British Monarchs to French Throne
  2. The Royal Families of France: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2017
  3. The Rohan (or another) Family
  4. The Lords and Dukes of Bourbon
  5. Succession to the Throne of France
  6. Louis Alfonse de Bourbon as King of Quebec?
  7. Victoire de France & Marie Adélaïde de France
  8. Catherine I of Navarre/Catherine de Foix
  9. Capetian Y Chromosome
  10. Marguerite d'Angoulême (1492-1549), Queen consort of Henri II, King of Navarre
  11. Wedding of Jeanne d'Albret & Antoine de Bourbon
  12. Children of François I and Claude de France
  13. Marriage of Henri de Navarre & Marguerite de France
  14. Louis Dauphin de France: a french polish alliance
  15. Catherine de Médicis favourite granddaughter
  16. Margaret of Scotland, Dauphine of France
  17. Madeleine de Valois
  18. New Prince of Andorra?
  19. Execution of Elisabeth de France (3 May 1764 - 10 May 1794)
  20. Blanche of Artois (1248-1302)
  21. Renée de France (1510-1575), daughter of Louis XII
  22. Marguerite de France, Duchesse de Berry (1523-1574), dau of Francis I.
  23. Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), Queen consort of Louis VIII, Regent of France
  24. Anne of France (1461-1522), Regent of France, sister of Charles VIII
  25. Louise of Savoy (1476-1531), Regent of France, mother of Francis I
  26. Henri, Count of Paris, Head of the Royal House of France (1908-1999)
  27. Royal Tombs of France
  28. The Ancient Dukedoms of France (Aquitaine, Brittany, Normandy etc)
  29. Catherine de Medici (1519-1589), Queen Consort of Henri II
  30. Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of Louis XV
  31. Doña Francisca de Bragança, princesse de Joinville (1824-1898)
  32. Duke and Duchess of Anjou: birth of twin sons May 2010
  33. A boy for the the Duke and Duchess of Vendôme: Prince Gaston, 19 November 2009
  34. The Revolution
  35. The Duke and Duchess of Vendôme: June 2009-