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  1. News Reports Harry & Chelsy Reunited: November 2007
  2. Reports that Harry and Chelsy have split up
  3. Has anyone ever written to William or Harry?
  4. When Harry met Chelsy
  5. CNN reports that Will and Kate are back together (June 2007)
  6. How should Prince William spend the next few years?
  7. William and Harry's TV interviews about Diana
  8. Prince Harry and Iraq
  9. The Reported Breakup - 14 April 2007
  10. Prince Harry's charities and patronages
  11. Has your opinion of Kate changed?
  12. Which name do you prefer for Kate (Catherine) Middleton?
  13. The Public's Expectations of Kate as William's girlfriend
  14. Rosacea and the Wales Family
  15. Duties, Roles and Royal Training of the Princes
  16. William, Harry and girlfriends and the press
  17. Do you think Harry (or Wills) will ever date outside their race?
  18. Prince William and Harry's personal tastes
  19. Is William or Kate a snob?
  20. My Pot-au-Feu with Prince William
  21. Tiggy Legge Bourke (nanny to William and Harry)
  22. William and Kate: engagement and relationship rumours and musings 2005 - 2008
  23. Prince Harry Old Pictures Thread
  24. The hypothetical question of Prince William living with his girlfriend
  25. William and Harry's Inheritance
  26. Titles and Styles of Harry, his Future Wife and Children
  27. Jessica Craig
  28. Prince William in New Zealand - June 2005
  29. Kate vs. Chelsy
  30. Kate Middleton - what does William like about her?
  31. Spencer Relationships
  32. Should prince William bear some of the responsibility over Harry’s nazi outfit row?
  33. Prince Harry's Afrika Korps Costume
  34. When will William marry and what style of wedding?
  35. Prince William Interview - November 2004