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  1. Disparity of Patronages between Princess Marie and Countess Alexandra
  2. Marie's Family and Circle of Friends
  3. Marie's Danish Lessons
  4. Marie's Jobs: REInvest, Club Foot Passion SÓrl etc.
  5. Marie Cavallier: Degreed? Assumptions? True or False?
  6. Lead-Up to Joachim and Marie's Wedding, 24th May 2008
  7. Marie in the Princess School
  8. Marie on Magazine Covers
  9. Marie: Possible Future Challenges, Patronages and Successes as Princess of Denmark
  10. Prince Joachim to Marry Marie Cavallier; October 3rd, 2007
  11. What title would Marie Cavallier get?
  12. Prince Joachim and the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix
  13. Prince Joachim as Patron of CARE
  14. Prince Joachim as Patron of the Danish Potato Council
  15. Prince Joachim, Current Events Part 2: September 2005 -
  16. Divorce for Joachim and Alexandra; September 2004
  17. Biographies of Prince Joachim & Princess Marie
  18. Prince Joachim to Marry Alexandra Manley; May 31st, 1995
  19. Christening of Prince Nikolai; November 6th, 1999
  20. Birth of Prince Felix; July 22nd, 2002
  21. Prince Joachim & Princess Marie Pictures, Part 1
  22. Nikolai and Felix: What will they do in the Future?
  23. Christening of Prince Felix; October 4th, 2002