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  1. Are you a royalist?
  2. Commoner/Royal Marriages, Do They Work?
  3. Titles for Heirs
  4. Recession Royals!
  5. Who sits on the most powerful throne today?
  6. Least Favorite Royal Family
  7. Would He Have Married Her? (and vice versa)
  8. Vegetarian Royals
  9. Royal Men With Long Hair
  10. Accents of foreign Royals
  11. Royal Bad Habits
  12. Give yourself a royal title!
  13. Royals at the wonders of the world
  14. Who is the most interesting royal right now?
  15. Knight or (k)nightmare?
  16. Who's your favourite member of the British Royal Family?
  17. Who is the kindest / sweestest Princess (poll) ?
  18. Which royal was born in the same year as you?
  19. Which royals have the most beautiful body?
  20. Royals you can identify with?
  21. Which royals are the most popular in their own countries?
  22. Country with most Royals
  23. Royal table setting and manners
  24. Which 6 Royals Would You Be Friends With?
  25. People who are friends with Royals
  26. What Kingdom would you most like to be Monarch of
  27. Royal records
  28. Beautiful Profile
  29. True Love
  30. Crown Princesses' Education Background
  31. Royal sister-in-law
  32. Royal Eyes
  33. Royal Groups created by fans on the Social Networking websites
  34. Which royal lady would you like to be and why ?
  35. which royal do you think flirts the most.