View Full Version : Norwegian Royal Residences

  1. "Bloksberg", Hankø
  2. Kongsseteren, Oslo
  3. Jørstad gård in Lillehammer
  4. The Prince Cabin, Sikkilsdalen
  5. The Palace Chapel
  6. The Royal Yacht "Norge"
  7. Stiftsgården, Trondheim
  8. Ledaal, Stavanger
  9. List of Norwegian Royal Residences
  10. Bygdø Kongsgård
  11. The Winter Home in the Mountains and the Summer Home by the Sea
  12. The Royal Palace in Olso
  13. Skaugum, The Crown Princely Residence
  14. Palace of Oscarshall
  15. Mågerø, Tjøme
  16. Gamlehaugen, Bergen
  17. The Royal Palace and Castles