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  1. King D. Duarte I 'The Eloquent' and Queen D.ª Leonor
  2. King D. Afonso V 'The African' and Wives (Queen D.ª Isabel and Queen D.ª Joana)
  3. King D. Joao II 'The Prince Perfect' and Queen D.ª Leonor
  4. King D.Manuel 'The Fortunate' and Wives (Queens D.ª Isabel, D.ª Maria and D.ª Leonor)
  5. King D. Joao III 'The Pious' and Queen D.ª Catarina
  6. King D. Henrique I 'The Cardinal'
  7. King D. Sebastiao I 'The Desired' (1554-1578)
  8. King D. Joao IV 'The Restorer' and Queen D.ª Luisa
  9. King Afonso VI 'The Victorious' and Queen Maria Francisca
  10. King D. Pedro II 'The Pacific' and Queen D.ª Maria Sofia
  11. King D. Joao V 'The Magnanimous' and Queen D.ª Maria Ana
  12. King Jose I 'The Reformer' and Queen Mariana Vitória
  13. Queen D.ª Maria I 'The Pious' and King D. Pedro III
  14. King D. Joao VI 'The Merciful' and Queen D.ª Carlota Joaquina
  15. D. Pedro IV/I 'The Liberator' of Portugal & Brazil and Wives
  16. Queen D.ª Maria II da Gloria 'The Good Mother' (1819-1853) and Husbands
  17. King D. Pedro V 'The Beloved' and Queen D.ª Estefânia
  18. King D. Luís I 'The Popular' and Queen D.ª Maria-Pia
  19. D. Duarte & D.ª Isabel de Bragança: a brief profile
  20. King Manuel II (1889-1932) and Auguste Vitória of Hohenzollern (1890-1966)
  21. King Carlos I (1863-1908) and Queen Amelia (1865-1951)
  22. Portuguese Royal Palaces, Castles and other Buildings
  23. Portuguese Regicide: Feb. 1st 1908
  24. Royal Family of Portugal 3: December 2007-
  25. The Ducal House of Cadaval
  26. Royal Family of Portugal 2: March 2006-December 2007
  27. Monarchy of Portugal 1: 2004 - February 2006