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  1. How many referendums monarchy vs. republic have been held in the History?
  2. European Union
  3. What if post-WWI/WWII overthrows hadn't happened?
  4. Why are the Windsors more popular then other royal families?
  5. With the anti-monarchy Left, do monarchs favor the Right?
  6. Royal Families Voting
  7. Wedding ring - right hand or left hand?
  8. Scottish Independence and the Windsors
  9. Are Royal Events only open to members of the royal family?
  10. When do ex-royals cease to be royal ?
  11. Should all names be Anglicized?
  12. Addresses of British royals
  13. Greatest monarchs of all time
  14. Royalty and the Press
  15. Monarchist and Republican organisations
  16. If You Were a Royal Then....?
  17. Questions relating to Commonwealth Realms
  18. Out of Wedlock Children and Succession Rights
  19. "Hottest Heads of State" Poll - How the Royals ranked
  20. What If?... a chance to change British Royal History
  21. Which country is likely to become a monarchy (again), and why?
  22. Caricatures of Royals
  23. General Royal Links
  24. Which country do you think COULD be next to abolish their monarchy?
  25. Photos of Royals taken by fans and non-professional photographers
  26. Videos and YouTube Clips of Royal Events (not Weddings)
  27. Avatars - Royal Families