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  1. Märtha relinquishing the HRH
  2. Märtha's yellow dress at Felipe and Letizia's wedding.
  3. Märtha and Ari buying house in Lommedalen
  4. Martha Louise's 30th Birthday Celebrations
  5. Märtha and Ari in Vanity Fair
  6. Märtha Louise and horses
  7. Ari Behn as an author
  8. Maud Angelica Christening
  9. Baby Pictures Of Princess Märtha Louise & Ari
  10. Maud Angelica and Leah Isadora: discussion
  11. Martha Louise Her Life In Pictures
  12. Birth of Maud Angelica Behn: April 29, 2003
  13. Märtha and Ari in New York
  14. Märtha's career as a performer
  15. Name Märtha Louise & Aris Baby
  16. Märtha's first pregnancy