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Originally Posted by Yennie
Here´s a try :)

When do the crownprincess wish to have babies?
- I thought so... When I feel ready for it
And when might that be?
- Well, you never know
How many children do the crownprincess wish for?
- Not someone like you, thats for sure. Then I wouldn´t want any at all

yennies comment: the last sentence is very confusing, even in swédish. I have no idea what she means.
The article said she was mad at one reporter for writin that she didn´t like chinese food...?? Perhaps a answer like that is some sort of revenge on him
Thank you Yennie. :) So my idea of a translation wasn´t too far away from yours. As I see now, Expressen has edited the article during the day. In the morning, it seemed as if this comment was directed to a reporter from Expressen.
But it seems it was to one from Aftonbladet. They say in the article, that Victoria had rebuked him earlier, because he wrote, that Ernst Billgren said, that he and Victoria railed about the food at a dinner. To the article was also a denial of ambassador Börje Ljunggren added, who said, that Billgren is wrong. So according to the Expressen-article Victoria said to the journalist (Markus Gustafsson, a substitute for our favourite Nyhlén) "You should get one time a really bad soup! Besides I´ve everyday said, that the chinese food is fantastic and until now I had nothing, I didn´t like"

So it seems Victoria and Mr. Gustafsson have some misunderstandings...which she should IMO have with Ernst Billgren...then again I don´t know, how Gustafsson treated her during the trip...nonetheless I don´t think, that a Royal should say such a thing (I mean the comment with not having children, when they would be like him) to a journalist. Even in a kidding mood said, it doesn´t improve the relationship to the journalists and IMO it comes over quite invidious and offending.
I´ve never thought, that I would say that: Daniel´s interview last week, was a lot better than Victoria´s this week (well, he could avoid questions to children and engagements, but still...)