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My translation of an article in Expressen today:

The Queen scents success – The King okay
The King scents okay. But Silvia – this almost scents success!
- The ladies scent is surprisingly courageous, says ladies perfume expert Anna Hellsten. Expressen has dipped the nose – in the new royal perfumes.

In October, Oriflame launches two new perfumes with the royal couple as the poster names.
- This is really a further development of the perfume “Solliden”, which has been sold for a long time in the royal gift shops, says Jenny Knutson at Oriflame.

The pre-commercials talks of a “Swedish” scent. But it’s not talk of either falukorv or sill.
- We’ve been trying to use the plants that grow at Solliden – lavender, crushed leaves and different kinds of wood, explains Jenny Knutson.

Anna Hellsten, perfume expert and beauty editor for the magazine “Residence”, likes the ladies scent.
- It’s unusually original to be a new launch. Courageous to put it all on a dominating, sweet and blooming scent, with a lot of rose in it. Surprisingly outmoded, but in a cool way. If I were 20 years older and a royal supporter, this would be my thing.

“Typically heterosexual”
The men’s scent doesn’t get the same warm welcome.
- Blue? Yuck, how typically heterosexual. The scent is pretty okay, but a little soapy and pretty unexciting.

The perfumes will be launched this fall in 55 countries. 15 SEK per bottle will got to World Childhood Organisation, the foundations that was founded by The Queen. And one of the reasons the royal couple supports a commercial product like this.
- The money will go to good causes. And the perfume has been around for a long time, so it’s not really a new product, says Ann-Christina Jernberg at the Royal Court.

Has The King and Queen approved the scents?
- Yes, they have. They have been involved and “sniffed”, and given their approval. They have also lent out their signatures to the perfumes logotype.

No pictures of the royal couple will be used.

Win a bottle!
Expressen gives the readers a chance to win 5 bottles each of the ladies and men’s perfume (1 per winner). If you answer the question “What other product would you like to see with the royal couples name and why?”, and email it to - you’re in the draw.
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