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Larzen 05-13-2006 09:18 AM

100th anniversary of the Coronation
19-24 June 2006


Form June the 19-21 the King, Queen and Crown Prince Couple will make a trip in the footsteps og King Haakon, Queen Maud and Crown Prince Olav

The reason is that on June 22 it is 100 years since King Haakon and Queen Maud was crowned in Trondheim.

The trip starts with car from the Royal Palace and the first stop is Eidsvoll, the the royals will go onboard the royal train (its one carriage not a whole train) and continue to Hamar

The train will make a stop at Otta and finally at Åndlasnes where the royal family will board the Royal Yacht Norge.

The yacht will stop at Kristiansund and Austråt, and the royal family will leave the ship in Trondheim on June 21. With the exception of Austeråt all places was visited on the Coronation journey 100 years ago.

The rest of the Royal Family will arrive directly in Trondheim for the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Coronationa held in Trondheim from June 22-24
Map of the trip


Trondheim has a page for the festivities, in Norwegian
In english about the anniversary

At the bottom there is link to a PDF about the Crown Jewels that will be put on permanent display in Trondheim

The local paper in Trondheim

Another paper that is relevant

There will be no forreign royals, but 20 members of the extended Norwegian Royal Family is comming according to Adressa, that means also parts of the families of Princess Ragnhild and Princess Astrid

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Church and Culture will also attend, probably more ministers as well, the Presidency of Stortinget will also be represented in Trondheim

Some of the posts on the program in Trondheim is:
Memorial Service in Nidarosdomen, that is the church where Märtha Louise and Ari Behn got married, the most impressive church in Norway. After that the King will open the new visitor center next to Nidarosdomen. The opening of the new exhibition that includes the Crown Jewels, the thrones, the Coronation Cape of King Haakon in velvet and hermeline will also be part of the permanenet exhibition in the cellar under the Arch Bishops Palace which is the stone buildings next to the Cathedral is one of the most important events.
(fjordimages and NTNU)
In the evening there will be a concert and dancing at the town square

Next day which is Midsummmer there will be a concert in Nidarosdomen, there will also be concerts outside, and the Kings Guard is comming to Trondheim and will take part in the anniversary, there will also be more popular artist having concerts in the center of the town.

I have also read that the royals will celebrate MidSummers eve at a place called Sverresborg in Trondheim, its an open air museum

Links with pictures from Trondheim

Toledo 05-13-2006 09:38 AM

Larzen, Happy Anniversary to you and your fellow Norwagians on the 100 Year Anniversary of the Norwagian Monarchy. :)

kwanfan 05-13-2006 11:14 AM

This will be a really neat series of engagement. I can't wait!

Larzen 05-31-2006 05:57 AM

The programme for the coronation journey havs been anounced, all events includes the King, Queen, Crown Prince and Crown Princess. The programme for the events in Trondheim is not yet announced.

09.15 Departure from the Royal Palace
10.15 Arrival at the Eidsvoll and attendance to the events at the Eidsvoldsbuilding (where the Norwegian Constitution was made).
……. Leaving Eidsvoll by train
12.10 Arrival at Hamar by train, they will be taken by carriage trough the city to Skibladner-pier
12.30 Takes part in the cultural program at Skibladner pier
12.55 The two couples leave the pier in two carriages
13.15 Leaves Hamar by train
15.40 Arrival at Otta by train, they will walk to the park
16.00 Attendance to the cultural celebration program in the park
17.00 Press meeting in Otta
17.15 Walks back to the train station
17.25 Leaves Otta by train
19.25 Arrival at Åndalsnes by train
19.30 Walks past “Rallar Monument” and to the stage
19.35 Attendance to the cultural celebration program
20.10 Walks down to, and along the sea
20.30 Leaves Åndalsnes in the Royal Yacht

10.00 Arrival with the Royal Yacht in Kristiansund, walks to the stage area
10.20 Attendance to the cultural celebration program
11.25 Boards the Royal Yacht
18.00 Arrival with the royal Yacht at Austrått pier, walks to Austrått Fortress
18.30 Arrival at Astrått Fortress
19.50 Leaves Austrått Fortress by car
20.00 Boards the Royal Yacht

Arrival at Ravnkloa, Trondheim

They better pray for good weather, almost all of the program is outside.

Larzen 06-01-2006 04:48 PM

Kelly 06-01-2006 04:50 PM

Wow! thanks so much for that information. Can't wait to see this!

Larzen 06-17-2006 07:59 AM

This starts on Monday

In the royal residence in Trondheim - Stiftsgården, there will be this summer an exhbition of gifts given to the royal family trough times. Here is a video about it, the women in the video, Maisen Bonnevie is reponsible for the exhibitons at the palace, before she was lady in waiting for Sonja and Märtha, actually she looks quite alot like Sonja and the press has mistaken her for Sonja on several occations, not so much now since she is not out on duties with the royals anylonger.

Here are some links to look for pictures and information in the various places they will be visiting:

Local papers

Local papers

Local paper


Local paper


Homepage for the coronation centennial
Local papers

Kongehuset has now an even more detailed program for all the visits, its minute by minute, but too much to translate and not really interesting unless you are going to be there -> aktuelt -> Kroningsjubileet -> program

Toledo 06-17-2006 08:02 AM

Thanks Larzen! I hope there is a video fed online too we can watch.

Her_Majesty 06-17-2006 11:52 AM

Great! I am looking forward to see nice new pictures of The Royal and the Crownprincely Couple! :)

Larzen 06-18-2006 01:36 PM

Here are the events in Trondheim that the royal family are involved in, and who will attend.
Only mentioned in the program are King (KH), Queen (QS) Crown Prince Haakon (CPH) Crown Princess Mette-Marit (CPMM) Princess Märtha Louise (PML) with husband, Princess Astrid (PA) with husband, Princess Ragnhild (PR) with husband, but also various other members of the family will attend, like some of the children of Astrid and Ragnhild, and i think also the children of Haakon and Märtha will be in town, dont know if they will attend any events they are very small for such events, except maybe the midsummer event at Sverresborg, which is a very child friendly area.

21. JUNE
11.00 Arrival with the royal yacht.
11.15 Departure for Stiftsgården where the royals will stay.
11.17 Arrival Stiftsgården.
EVENING Arrival to Stiftsgården.
PML, PA, PR and husbands

10.30 Walks from Stiftsgården to Nidarosdomen
11.00 - 12.15 Anniversary service start, Bishop Finn Wagle presides. (This will be broadcast live on NRK)
The whole royal family
12.20 Opening of new Visitors´ Center
The whole royal family
12.40 Opening if new permanenet display of the regalia
The whole royal family, the King will give a speech
14.15-16.15 Offical lunch in the Arch Bishops Palace
The whole royal family (Pool photography, Adressa, scanpix, NRK)
16.15 Return to Stiftsgården
Pressmeeting, stiftsgården
20.00-23.00 Dinner for invited guests, Stiftsgården
The whole royal family? (Pool photography Adressa, scanpix, NRK)

23. JUNE
09.55-11.00 Visit to Huseby School
11.55 Walks from Stiftsgården to the town square
12.00-12.45 Concert, town square
12.45-12.50 Walks back to stiftsgården
16.30-17.25 Midsummer celebration, Sverresborg
the whole royal family.
19.30-20.45 Concert, Nidarosdomen
the whole royal family
21.15 The royal family leaves Trondheim

Source, Press program from Trondheim Kommune.

Larzen 06-19-2006 04:28 AM

After a weekend with wonderful weather and more than 25 degrees today it is raining in Hamar and its no more than 15 degrees:(
Actually its raining pretty much all the places they will visit today.
Too bad but cant do anything about the weather

Here are some of the exhibiton in Stiftsgården (SCANPIX/NRK)

A photospecial from the exhibition - Nettavisen, scroll down

Pictures from 1906 - Coronation of King Haakon, Trondheim

Pictures from 1958 - Blessing of King Olav, Trondheim

A picture of the blessing of King Harald in 1991, Trondheim

Pictures of the Crown Jewels

Lucidu 06-19-2006 05:51 AM

First pics from SE

Larzen 06-19-2006 07:22 AM

5 Attachment(s)
From Hamar dagblad
4000 people had come to meet them for the very short visit

Pic 1 From Eidsvoll ( (the weather looks sooo drab:( )
Pic 2 and 4 From Hamar (
Pic 5 From Eidsvoll (

There are 27 people from the press following this trip, they have their own train carriage behind the royal one, and when they change to the royal yacht the press will go by buss. I suppose more press might come for the part in Trondheim, atleast local press.

Larzen 06-19-2006 09:13 AM

7 Attachment(s)
the pictures are from Eidsvoll and Hamar
According to this article Sverre Magnus is in the ROyal train carriage durin the trip with his nanny
Inside the eidsvoll building where the Constitution was signed

Larzen 06-19-2006 10:47 AM

5 Attachment(s)
The first Picture from OTTA (

Hamar-Dagblad, I only attatch the royal pictures but there are many other nice pictures in this special as well, if you get the error message, reload

fanletizia 06-19-2006 11:04 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Royals re-enact coronation tour of 1906

Her_Majesty 06-19-2006 11:17 AM

Interesting Hat for Mette Marit! It looks beautiful! :)
Queen Sonja looks nice ,too.
Nice to see them wearing light colours while the weather seems to be a bit wet. ;)

Larzen 06-19-2006 12:09 PM

9 Attachment(s)
UK Press from Otta.
There was a short press ocnference which one could listen to, Haakon said the children were comming to Trondheim and that they would attend an event or two. Adresseavisen reports about up to 35 member of the family so I guess that means Maud angelica and Leah Isadora is comming as well.
They were also invited to come and attend the Kristin-play at Otta sometime and they said they would try and make it
The Queen made some comments on how it must have been for King Haakon and Queen Maud to arrive in Norway and not Know anybody, and they were all very greatful for the huge turnout (hyggelig (=very nice) - usually I think Mette-Marit says Hyggelig alot but the Queen must have said it 10 times in that short interveiw)

Larzen 06-19-2006 12:14 PM

6 Attachment(s)
From Uk Press, from Eidsvoll and Hamar.

Juanita 06-19-2006 01:17 PM

:D Queen Sonja is in the first step so she can be tall as the King and the Princes :D

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