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Jacqueline 12-29-2002 01:09 AM

Hi everyone. :)

I came across this fairly old article (1997-Time) about The Grimaldi family and the myth of a witch putting a curse on them that would halt the family members from ever finding true happiness in marriage. I don't know about the witch, but the article does make one wonder.........

Since we haven't talked about the family members in detail for a while, I was wondering what everyone thought about this.

*Caroline and E-A do have a child and may do their best to make their marriage work, but do you all think that Caroline can continue to put up with his outbursts and the fact that he can at times be a social liability forever?

*What about Stephanie? Does anyone think that she is ever going to get it together where her love life is concerned?....Think she'll ever marry again?

*Albie...I'm just not going there today. :lol: :lol: :lol: However, if anyone else would like to please feel free.

Well, Here's the article. :) ;)



One of the most enduring myths surrounding the Grimaldis' first 700 years in Monaco is the story of a spurned witch who centuries ago proclaimed: "Never will a Grimaldi find happiness in marriage." These days, it seems, the witch just may have been right. Prince Rainier III's idyllic union with actress Grace Kelly ended in tragedy when she was killed in a 1982 automobile accident. Princess Caroline, after a disastrous 27-month marriage to playboy Philippe Junot, lost her second husband, Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi, in a 1990 speedboat accident. Last October, Princess Stephanie cut loose from her philandering mate in one of the fastest divorces in royal history. Prince Albert, though one of the world's most eligible bachelors, is still puzzlingly single at age 38.
For better or worse, it is this royal soap opera--particularly the foibles and follies of the younger generation--that shapes Monaco's international image. "The personal problems confronting the Grimaldis sometimes add a bizarre touch to Monaco," admits Archbishop Joseph-Marie Sardou, the highest ranking churchman in this principality where Roman Catholicism is still the state religion. "But Monegasques care very much for the Grimaldis and, like me, tend to forgive and forget these problems." Others are less charitable. "Their image has sharply deteriorated since the death of Princess Grace," says Francoise Giroud, a French social commentator and former Culture Minister. "The girls are pretty, and their complicated love stories amuse people, but no one takes them seriously."

It was the slender, chain-smoking Princess Stephanie, 31, who was Monaco's hottest tabloid star last year. Her 15-month-long marriage abruptly ended last October after husband and former bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, was photographed in flagrante delicto with "Miss Bare Breasts of Belgium" at a Riviera villa. In addition to taking care of son Louis, 4, and daughter Pauline, 2, Stephanie stays busy as part owner of the Replay Cafe and Replay Store, a country-style bistro and boutique appropriately located on Rue Grimaldi. The former fashion model, swimsuit designer and rock band singer now holds title to the Replay's best-selling drink, the champagne-based "l'aperitif Stephanie." She visits the outlet almost every day, often parking her white jeep on the sidewalk, flits back and forth between the restaurant and the boutique, and sometimes even tends the cash register.

Princess Caroline, who turns 40 this month, leads a much more sedate life. Since Casiraghi's death, she has spent most of her time with her three children--Andrea, 12; Charlotte, 10; and Pierre, 9--in a rented villa in the French village of Saint-Remy-de-Provence, 250 km from Monaco. "For personal reasons she wanted to move away from the gossip and hoopla of Monaco," Albert told TIME in an interview at his palace office, overlooking the port. "But she's here whenever she's needed." Still the closest thing to the country's first lady Princess Caroline regularly returns to Monaco for cultural events. But Caroline still generates gossip in spite of herself. Last summer she appeared in public bald, apparently because of a relatively minor skin problem, but tabloid speculation on the causes ran the gamut from cancer treatment to emotional stress. Still unmarried, she ended a five-year relationship with French actor Vincent Lindon a year ago and was most recently seen with Prince Ernst of Hanover.

The most solid young Grimaldi is Prince Albert, an Amherst College graduate and avid sportsman who has competed in three Olympics in bobsled events. A quiet, thoughtful man whose close-cropped hair and metal-rimmed glasses give him a serious air, the prince has been largely untouched by tabloid scandal despite persistent comments on his bachelor status and unsubstantiated rumors about his sexual orientation. "The gossip aspect of our activities tends to overwhelm everything else," he sighs, denying that he's gay. "That's unfortunate."

The prince says he is in no hurry to marry. Having observed his sisters' problems he wants to be sure he makes the right match. He has been seen in the company of everyone from Sharon Stone to Claudia Schiffer, and regularly shakes it up on the dance floor of Monegasque night clubs. He has even been known to grab the microphone at the trendy Stars 'n' Bars cafe and sing Chuck Berry numbers. "Everybody here appreciates that he's the most sought-after bachelor in the world," says a local lawyer.

More important than marriage for Albert is the question of when he will take over from his father. Rainier has denied that he would pass the scepter during this anniversary year, so speculation now centers on his golden jubilee in 1999. "I'm no ogre for power, trying to kick him out," says Albert. "When it's time, I'll be there." Meanwhile, he prepares for the multifaceted job of monarch, chairman of the board, diplomat and impresario by taking an increasingly active role in government affairs. The jury is mixed on how well he will perform. "Albert is Albert," says investigative reporter Roger-Louis Bianchini, author of a critical book on Monaco. "He's a nice guy, but lacks the necessary authority." A Monegasque official disagrees. "He will surprise people," he says. "Albert seems a bit in the shadows. But he has his own personality, he has travelled abroad, he's becoming a statesman. Of course, he will have to surround himself with good people." And perhaps prove that the witch was wrong.

--With reporting by Joel Stratte-McClure/Monaco


Julia 12-29-2002 05:12 PM

You know, I think that Caroline looks settled - happy and settled. She can now enjoy life. She has a husband that she loves (I guess only his mother and Caroline could love him :blink: ), 4 beautiful children that she seems to very much enjoy raising and a good life. Unless some unforseen tragedy occurs, I think Caroline has found her happiness.

Stephanie seems content with being a mom. I would imagine that she is frustrated not to have someone to share the "non-mommy" part of her life with...rumor has it that she and Daniel Ducret are on much better terms. Maybe they will get remarried??? :shifty:

Albert seems the least settled of all the Grimaldis. Pressure to get married, etc... I think life will get easier once he does marry, but will he be as happy a married man as he is a bachelor?

Any thoughts??

Jacqueline 12-31-2002 09:20 PM

Hmmm.. Julia. I basically agree with what you have said.

Albie is really the most unsettled. He may be settling soon however. I have mixed emotions about it- :D :( :woot: ;) But, I guess that we still have to wait until March. I am not sure what to believe about that. So far it has been very quiet. There was the usual immediate mention everywhere, and now not very much talk about it anymore. I guess that we just have to wait-typical. :blink:

Caroline does seem happy for the most part. I am sure that E-A tries her patience from time to time, but in looking at candid photos of them with the children, they really do appear to be happy.

Stephanie, I am not very sure about at all. I feel sorry for her at times, because it's obvious that she has been troubled since her mother's death. Although, Princess Grace referred to Stephanie to one of her close friends as her "wild child," I doubt that she could have imagined the things that took place in Stephanie's latter years. :o :x Perhaps, she may one day marry again, if not I think that she will be fine. She certainly seems resilient enough.

I do think that she is very happy being a mother. She is really ga-ga over her children, which is refreshing. :)

Josefine 08-30-2003 10:22 AM

that was new to me about a curse

Josefine 11-17-2004 10:54 AM

do you belive in this curse

LadyMacAlpine 11-17-2004 12:28 PM

I posted this on October 31, 2004.

KING: True or false? That back 700 years ago, one of your forefathers dropped some girl and he was supposed to be with her and he wasn't, and she put the Grimaldi curse on this, and bad things have happened ever since? Explain the story to someone who is not sure he knows what he's talking about.
PRINCE ALBERT: Well, I'm not sure of the story myself, because I've always tried to -- I guess my family has, too. We've always tried to play down this, and people bring it up every once in a while that there is a curse. But I've never really studied it.

KING: Your father ever talk about it?




KING: Do they teach it in the history books in Monaco. PRINCE ALBERT: No.

KING: No. So people don't go around saying, if something bad happens, and bad things have happened, "Grimaldi's at it again?"

PRINCE ALBERT: No. It's just -- I mean, when anything tragic happens to us, like my mother's death, obviously that came up and, "Oh, this is the curse of the Grimaldis, and they can never be a happy family, and there's always going to be something wrong." And I just laugh at it.

A curse doesn't that sound like fun to take on? Are curses real? How do you break a curse? They say to break a witches curse you need another witch to cast a spell however witches won't touch other witches curses.
I wanted to get a few opinions. I am currently working on a web site that involves the Curse of the Grimaldi's will give the link when done and I feel comfortable revealing the information.

pigzilla 11-17-2004 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by LadyMacAlpine
I posted this on October 31, 2004. I wanted to get a few opinions. I am currently working on a web site that involves the Curse of the Grimaldi's will give the link when done and I feel comfortable revealing the information.

Lady - sounds like you are going to have an interesting site with this topic. I certainly can not wait until you share with us.

LadyMacAlpine 11-17-2004 11:06 PM


A curse doesn't that sound like fun to take on? Are curses real? How do you break a curse? They say to break a witches curse you need another witch to cast a spell however witches won't touch other witches curses.
The above was my words I was trying to get opinions on. The other was from a Larry King Live show 1998 I think. Its hard to keep all the dates in your head. I missed seeing Albert on both of the shows. Its rare I have TV on miss a lot too not having cable it would be a waste for me to have it I spend most of my time on the computer writing and doing research when I am home.

Do I personally believe in curses? Let these words answer. From the Torah Genesis 3:16

And to the woman He said, "I will make most severe your pangs in childbearing; In pain shall you bear children. Yet your urge shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you."

pigzilla 11-18-2004 09:26 AM

Without getting into any theological debates and discussions, let me just say that those words were from God Himself "And to the woman He said, "I will make most severe your pangs in childbearing; In pain shall you bear children. Yet your urge shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." " and NOT a witch. And any time that we pray (meaning my family) if someone is sick (not just physically but perhaps mentally) we plead the blood of Jesus over them. The blood of Christ is very powerful, and more so than ANY kind of "curse" a witch can place on someone because that is not of the Lord.

Curses like that exist because people allow them to in stories and in folklore and look for coicendences in daily life and somethings happens and look there, it must be the curse. Such things feed on fear and that is really what the devil wants you to do, because he has no real power over us. That is all he has, this ability to breed fear. So I guess bottom line is yes they do exist, but only in ones own mind because no supernatural being has power and authority over us other than Him.

I really do NOT want this to be a debate on who practices what religion, which is why I did not post an opinion before, but in my teachings and my readings and in my prayers I have come to know this. There are so many people on these boards who believe differents things, and I think that makes for some wonderful conversation here. I do not come here to criticize anyone or tell them my way is the only way to feel. If you do have an opinion on the curse then just say . . . "Hey Pig, I understand why you think that, but my opinion is . . . " and understand that when I read your message I am thinking the same for you . . . I am understanding where you are coming from and feel the way you do.

mw7060a 11-18-2004 02:37 PM

Greetings to one and all..
I'm Margaret. I'm new to the list...Just wanted to introduce myself. I believe Prince Albert is suppose to be on Larry King Live tonight (Thurs. 11/18/04) on CNN. It may be a repeat episode from a few years back..I'm not sure...but nonetheless, I saw the previews that he is going to be on. So...for any of you who might have missed it the first time, you might want to get your VCRs ready.
All the best,

rarotonga 11-18-2004 04:52 PM

Thanks for the heads up, Margaret! Welcome to the forum also!

pigzilla 11-18-2004 05:25 PM

Thanks margaret - After I read you post I went to check out my tivo guide, and it says it is a new program!!!

Here is what the official cnn site says . . .

Monaco's renaissance prince

NAME: Prince Albert of Monaco

BORN: March 14, 1958


(CNN) -- Prince Albert of Monaco enjoys rare parentage of both Hollywood royalty and actual royalty, as the son of Prince Rainier III and the late film star Grace Kelly.

Albert's birth ensured that the Mediterranean principality of Monaco would remain free of French law for at least another generation. Under a 1918 treaty with France, if there were no heir to Monaco's throne, the nation would become subject to the French. In 1997, the prince's Grimaldi family celebrated 700 years of reigning Monaco --currently a constitutional monarchy.

Grace Kelly appeared in 11 films and won an Academy Award before giving up her career to wed Rainier in 1956. In September 1982, Albert's mother died in a car crash along a cliff road in Monaco. Since 1949 his father, Prince Rainier, has held the throne of Monaco -- a gambling mecca so tiny that its acreage would fit inside New York's Central Park.

The prince -- whose full name is Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre -- spent much of his youth in his mother's homeland, attending summer camp and college in the United States. He graduated from Massachusetts' Amherst College in 1981, majoring in political science and economics.

The prince's athletic pursuits include competing with Monaco's soccer squad and the national bobsledding team in several Winter Olympic Games.

Since the 1980s, Prince Albert has been actively preparing for his real-life role as future leader of Monaco. He attends Cabinet meetings with his father and heads his nation's delegation to the United Nations. Albert also has assumed leadership of various national federations and organizations, such as the Red Cross.

Albert has an older sister, Caroline, and a younger sister, Stephanie.


Should be interesting.

mktv2000 11-18-2004 05:35 PM

Yes indeed - Larry King is have a special week of "big" this is a new interview with HSH

pigzilla 11-18-2004 05:53 PM

And that is something else I find absurd. HSH! Afterall through marriages and such isn't Ranier II like the 7th cousin of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, yet they have lesser titles and looked upon as not being "as good as QEII?" What is the point with them not having the HRH title, which I find funny that some people who do not know they are HSH still will call them HRH at official functions or charity events. Just wondering what the big deal is as to why they can not be called HRH.

LadyMacAlpine 11-18-2004 07:50 PM

Rainier III and they are related by blood through Lady Mary Douglas-Hamilton on her mother and father side. Then Ernst and Caroline married it connected them again. And I wasn't looking for a debate just personal opinions did they believe in curses.

LadyMacAlpine 04-08-2005 04:01 PM

Someone was asking about the Curse of the Grimaldis in the thread on Caroline and Ernst.

monaco70s 04-08-2005 05:36 PM

It seems today again the press is talking about this curse. :(

machievelli 04-08-2005 05:54 PM

I have to say that the Grimaldi curse does seem plausible when you think of the many tragedies that have befallen them in the past and what they are going through right now with Rainier's death and Ernst's illness. I think only the Kennedy's have went through more tragedies and scandals.. I think the curse is silly, but it's times like these that makes it seem plausible though.

tropicisland 04-08-2005 06:22 PM

I don't personally believe in curses or spells or nothing like it. Regarding the curse why don't we look at it a little more realisticly. Grace was over 50, was dealing with 2 headstrong daughters (so they say), her husband was being unfaithfull? or something like that, the woman had poor vision and sucked at driving. Add all that and anybody will have brain hemorrage, she died of course when the car crashed in the ground. Stephano wanted to "fly" over water at 500 km/hr, that's a risky sport like speeding and even the best driver in the world has died, because it it a risky sport. Was Caroline cursed when she married Junot no it was a youthfull mistake the guy was lazy. Has Stephanie gone worse than when her mother was alive, well it's said that steph was a little strong even by her own mother words. Rainier died he was old, and Al has not gotten married because after all this and the marriage of prince charles, well anyboudy will get scare too. My honest opinion.

semisquare 04-08-2005 06:34 PM

well said tropic island

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