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iparity 10-19-2006 11:08 PM

More Pics from the Princess' Diary 2007 (Pic:Khaosod Newspaper)

iparity 10-21-2006 12:08 AM
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the opening ceremony of the Library in Phuket -- 20-10-2006

ysamnuan 10-21-2006 10:52 AM

The King of Thailand Vetiver Award 2006
On the occasion of the Fourth International Conference on Vetiver (ICV-4) which will be held in Caracas, Venezuela between 22-26 October 2006, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Chairperson of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Chaipattana Foundation, has graciously granted US$ 10,000 from the Chaipattana Foundation for “The King of Thailand Vetiver Awards” for the most outstanding works on vetiver. This year winners are researchers from Thailand and Venezuela.

ysamnuan 10-21-2006 11:16 AM

Princess Sinrindhorn and FAO awards
Thailand, 17 Oct 2006 -- Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presented FAO awards to four Asian farmers for outstanding achievements in the areas of livestock (China), industrial crops production (Myanmar), seed farming (Pakistan) and aquaculture (Thailand).

iparity 11-01-2006 12:02 AM

Flora exhibition in full bloom today

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn will preside over the Royal Flora Expo's opening ceremony today.

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek” is one of the grand celebrations being hosted by the Royal Thai Government in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX),the world’s longest reigning monarch. His Majesty is ‘Father of the Nation’ and ‘Beloved King’ to the Thai people.

For more infomation about the expo pls. with

iparity 11-01-2006 12:38 AM

Some pics from the Royal Flora Expo

Thailand’s new landmark, the Royal Pavilion, is constructed in the exquisite Lanna (northern Thai) style and will house exhibits relating to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s agricultural theories and projects. Designed to be a center of knowledge, the Royal Pavilion is an important element in Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006.

With a total area of over 6,000 square meters, the Royal Pavilion has two floors and is part wood, part concrete. It is being built by three artisan families renowned in the region for their traditional craftsmanship. The Lanna architectural style can be traced back hundreds of years. The decoration also includes various other sculptures.

An exhibition called “An Agricultural King — A Brilliance that Benefits the People” will be housed on the first floor. The second floor of the Royal Pavilion will contain murals depicting activities of His Majesty the King. The murals are being painted by a Thai National Artist, Preecha Taothong, who also designed The Royal Virtue Tree.

iparity 11-01-2006 12:47 AM

Some pics from the Royal Flora Expo

Pic: 1-4 ( 5 (

The Royal Virtue Tree
The Royal Virtue Tree, which by the time the exposition ends, will have 21,915 leaves — the number of days His Majesty the King has been on the throne. Each leaf is embossed with one of the Ten Royal Virtues — guidelines based on the teachings of the Lord Buddha that have been observed by Thai kings for generations. These virtues are meant to bring about good and just government, and include integrity, sacrifice, compassion and kindness.

There are three tiers of leaves, each with a different color. The leaves on the bottom tier are a coppery red, and relate to the time when His Majesty had recently acceded to the throne and began taking an interest in agricultural matters. The leaves in the middle are golden, symbolizing the time when his projects started to yield successful results and improve peoples’ lives. The leaves on the upper tier are the color of platinum, and symbolize the present day sixty years since His Majesty’s accession.

iparity 11-01-2006 12:57 AM

Some pics from the Royal Flora Expo

ysamnuan 11-10-2006 09:36 AM

Gardening display delights princess at Thailand expo
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (MMAA) is participating in the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Exhibition 2006 being held in Thailand, a release said.Some 35 countries and many gardening companies are taking part in the exhibition that was inaugurated on November 1.
Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the daughter of the king of Thailand, paid a visit to the Qatari wing where she was received by the director of the Agricultural and Research Department at the MMAA, Sheikh Faleh bin Nasser al-Thani, who is the head of the Qatari team.
Following a tour of the Qatar pavilion , Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn expressed her admiration of Qatari gardening methods. She also hailed the traditional touches inspired by the Qatari environment.:flowers:
At the end of her visit, Sheikh Faleh presented the princess a memento.
An Arab tent has also been set up in the wing where Qatari coffee is served to visitors.
(Gulf Time)

ysamnuan 11-21-2006 10:18 AM

Unesco hails contribution of princess

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) has named Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn as one of 60 women who have made long-term contributions to the 60-year-old organisation. The selection of 60 talented women from across the globe was made to celebrate Unesco's 60th anniversary.
The list of Unesco's outstanding women, hailing from 52 countries, together with brief information about their relationships with UNESCO, has been published in a book entitled 60 Women Contributing to the 60 Years of Unesco _ Constructing the Foundations of Peace.
Unesco lauds HRH Princess Sirindhorn for her hard work in empowering marginalised children through education.
The publication was launched late last month. The end of the year-long celebration is this month.

more info at

BeatrixFan 11-21-2006 12:52 PM

Congratulations to HRH! It's nice to see the Princess's hard work being recognised.

ysamnuan 12-12-2006 11:07 AM

Princess donating items to be buried in TimeCapsule

The country's first astronomical Time Capsule is almost ready to be buried as the Thai Astronomical Society has nearly completed collecting items that will be kept in the capsule. Among the items are Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's glasses she wore while viewing a total solar eclipse and her letter telling future generations about her astronomical experiences, said Aree Sawasdee, chairman of the Thai Astronomical Society.

The Time Capsule will be embedded at the Military Cadet School in Nakhon Nayok province for 60 years as soon as the Princess finishes writing the letter, he said. ''We will put the Princess' memo and her eclipse glasses into the capsule, together with the astronomical equipment we use nowadays, microfilm, books, and documents on astronomy,'' he said.:smile:

Bangkok Post

ysamnuan 12-15-2006 07:50 AM

2nd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge opens Wednesday
BANGKOK, Dec 14 (TNA) - The second Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge will be officially opened next Wednesday by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand and Lao Vice President Bounnhang Vorachith, a senior Thai official said on Thursday.:rolleyes:

fanletizia 12-20-2006 01:23 PM

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn arrives at opening ceremony of the second friendship bridge over the Mekong river at the Thai-Laos border, 20 December 2006. Thailand and Laos on 20 December celebrated the opening of the second friendship bridge over the Mekong river, which they hope will boost trade and tourism in the region. The bridge spanning Southeast Asia's famous waterway is 1,600 meters (5,250 feet) long and 12 meters (40 feet) wide, and construction started in December 2003 -- at a total cost of about 2.5 billion baht (70 million USD).

Vanesa 12-21-2006 11:29 PM

Beatiful! We can said this Princess accomplish her duties beatifully! :flowers:


Avalon 01-01-2007 07:49 PM

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn delivered the flowers to the wounded victims being treated at Rajavithi and Chulalongkorn hospitals.
At Rajavithi Hospital, the princess wished Samruay Sidao, who broke his left arm and sustained serious injuries to his legs, a rapid recovery.

ysamnuan 01-04-2007 07:50 AM

HRH Princess Sirindhorn grants Pooh bear, Barbie doll to bomb-victim girl
HRH Princess Sirindhorn grants Pooh bear, Barbie doll to bomb-victim girl
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Thursday graciously sent a big Pooh bear and a Barbie doll to a 12 year old girl who got injured during the New Year's Eve bomb attacks.
Thanyasinee Mangkornphan received the royal gifts along with get-well-soon card from the princess via Thai Red Cross Society's secretary general Pan Wannamethee. :smile: :smile:
The Nation

iparity 01-04-2007 10:08 PM

Kindness from the Princess
Kindness from the Princess
Kindness from the Princess

Pic from the day she went to visit the bomp victims

ysamnuan 01-27-2007 09:23 AM

Classical costumes reborn on computer screen
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has suggested using computer graphics to help remake the costumes of Thai classical khon performances to bring the elegant designs back to life.

The plan was initiated by Her Majesty the Queen who became concerned about the designs used in traditional costumes while watching khon at Phuphan Palace in Sakon Nakhon four years ago.

The motifs used in the cloth design were very different from those seen in the past and they needed to be redesigned to make them more impressive, Culture Minister Khunying Khaisri Sri-aroon quoted the Queen as saying.

"The current patterns of the costumes lack detail and delicacy," Khunying Khaisri said, referring to the clothes worn by both the male lead (phra) and female lead (nang) in the show.
The Queen has contributed 300,000 baht of her own money to help the Fine Arts Department conduct a study of the new designs.:smile:

Bangkok Post

ysamnuan 02-01-2007 08:46 AM

Princess grants financial support for Vietnamese schools
BANGKOK, Feb 1 (TNA) - Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand has donated more than Bt 780,000 (about US$ 21,000) for support of school projects designed to improve the quality of life for young students in northern Vietnam, Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Kitti Wasinondh said on Wednesday.

The three schools, chosen by UNESCO as beneficiaries of a pilot project on comprehensive development of schools initiated by the princess, are located in Vietnam's northern provinces of Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh and Hoa Binh, the localities where most of the residents live their lives in fisheries occupations, the spokesman said.

The fund will be used in school activities, mainly focusing on improving nutrition and sanitation standards for young school children. (TNA)-E009:smile:

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