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Maxie 02-15-2006 10:16 PM

Royal ladies wearing black & white: March 2006 - October 2007
Black & white are just timeless colours in royal fashion and I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to them. Show us your favourite pictures of royal ladies wearing black or white clothes or a combination of these two colours!

Don't forget to upload the pictures through another host, like or and to give credit where credit is due!

Have fun posting, of course.
I'll be around, searching for some interesting pictures. :)

Maxie 02-15-2006 10:20 PM

Maxima - Part I
I'll start with Maxima, who likes colour, but she also has a great deal of black and white clothes!

#1-8: Seegerpress

Maxie 02-15-2006 10:27 PM

Maxima - Part II
And some more:

#1: Polfoto
#2: Gettyimages
#3: Seegerpress
#4-8: ANP

Maxie 02-15-2006 10:37 PM

Laurentien - Part I
And some black and white outfits, worn by princess Laurentien and which usually look better on her than the flashy ones, imo.

#1-8: Seegerpress

Maxie 02-15-2006 10:47 PM

Laurentien - Part II
More Laurentien with some very early ones...

#1-7: seegerpress

Maxie 02-15-2006 10:56 PM

And here are some black & white outfits worn by Mabel, some of them very hideous btw...

#1-9: Seegerpress

Maxie 02-15-2006 11:11 PM

Mary - Part I
And finally some outfits worn by princess Mary!
Amongst them some great favourites of mine (#1,4,6 & 8)

#1-8: gettyimages...

crisiñaki 02-15-2006 11:24 PM

Infanta Cristina: in white.jpg in black.jpg

Infantas Elena & Cristina: white.jpg

Sources: seeger press, diezminutos, LFI,

Adry 02-16-2006 01:24 AM

Princess Alexandra of Denmark ;)
Getty Images, BT, Colourpress, Cover, Corbis, Polfoto

soCal girl 02-16-2006 01:48 AM

Crown Princess Victoria!


Victoria and Silvia:



The shoes!:eek: that she repeated and repeated and repeated:cool: :D

Bruno Press:

That's it for now! Whew....:p

Lil princess lost 02-16-2006 02:50 AM

Another couple of black and white outfits worn by Mary. The white suite is my all time favorite outfit of hers. This suite is sooo link might come up if you click on it

Lil princess lost 02-16-2006 02:56 AM

More outfits worn by royalty: Grace

Avalon 02-16-2006 03:17 AM


Originally Posted by Lil princess lost

Isn't the first lady Vivien Lee?:confused:

Lil princess lost 02-16-2006 03:21 AM

Nope Im pretty sure she is a MIddle Eastern princess-I'll try and find her name.

Olka 02-16-2006 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by Avalon
Isn't the first lady Vivien Lee?:confused:

As far as I remember, on one of the threads it's written that the lady is Empress Fawzia of Iran (born as Princess Fawzia od Egypt, she was the sister of the late king of Egypt, I think...). But I'm not very sure about that, I think I'll check it. :)

Anyway, I remeber that soon after her wedding Letizia wore a very beautiful black-and-white outfit during their visit in Mexico. She looked a little bit like Jackie Kennedy. I don't have the picture, but I remember I liked it a lot. :)

sm1939 02-16-2006 04:38 AM


Originally Posted by Avalon
Isn't the first lady Vivien Lee?:confused:

Not its not Viven Leigh , but I dont know who it is?

Olka 02-16-2006 04:49 AM

Well, now I am sure. She IS Empress Fawzia of Iran, the Shah's first wife.

:) :) :)

Lunalu 02-16-2006 06:10 AM

Some white - black outfits worn by Letizia :

Getty Images

Lunalu 02-16-2006 06:16 AM

Getty Images

Lunalu 02-16-2006 06:19 AM

Getty Images, Fotobank, Imagine Scandinavia (lol) (the last pic was originally posted by carlota!)

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