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michelle 01-07-2003 03:01 PM

Louis, Pauline and Camille - Picture Thread
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Hi everyone....

I just signed got a great place here!!!

I attached a few pics of Steph and her little cute ones....

...hope you like them!!

Love, Michelle

One more sweet pic.....
...just for you...

Love, Michelle

....and one more...

Jacqueline 01-07-2003 03:12 PM

Hello Michelle! :)

Welcome and thank you for the fantastic picture. :)

Julia 01-07-2003 03:18 PM

Hey Michelle! Welcome and thank you for the wonderful picture! Steph's kids are just darling!

Julia :)

Julia 01-08-2003 06:12 PM

Hello Michelle! Thank you, again for the wonderful pics! Little Pauline looks like a hazel eyed version of her mummy! And Louis is just as cute as he can be. Oddly enough, to me, in some pics Stephanie looks a great deal like her mum. I think it's the nose and mouth. Do you or anyone else see that?

Also, what do you all think about the possibility of Stephanie getting back together with Daniel Ducruet? Gossip mags say it might happen....????

Thanks again, Michelle!


samitude 01-08-2003 10:28 PM

Louis strongly resembles his cousin Pierre Casaraghi. sp?

michelle 01-09-2003 12:09 PM

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As for Daniel and Steph...I think they're real good friends.... for the last pic I posted....: it is Pierre Casiraghi.....sorry if I confused


but I guess I got one more pic for's Loulou and his mom

Hi..... :rolleyes:

...first of all: Stephanie the sporty-princess.......

....keeping in shape.....

.... :rolleyes: exhausted..but havin' fun

..on the way home...

...flying high....

....splash...for the day...wake-board champ...

...french culture...pétanque

....pictureing the event....

...Louis's the king of the world.... :P

..rainy day....but for the love of grocery -shopping...

michelle 04-14-2003 03:53 PM

7 Attachment(s)

leaning out....ohhh... :o ....are you nuts????

....a big family needs some food....

...waiting 4 Camille....

..oh well...with Pierre Falchetto...

..mommy prepares satallite-tv....

...hugging Franco...or better: Franco hugging Steph and kissing her...

Alexandria 05-07-2003 09:19 AM

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After the discussion of whom Princess Alexandra resembles more (Caroline or Ernst) and the talk of Princess Stephanie's kids resembling their mom and Princess Grace, I had to go find pictures of Stephanie's 3 kids, Pauline, Louis and Camille.

Daniel Ducruet, Stephanie's ex-husband with 2 of her kids, Pauline and Louis.

Camille, Stephanie's youngest.

Mom and Camille.

A close up of Pauline, whom I think resembles Stephanie a fair bit, espescially in the picture with her dad. They share similar colouring.


I'm trying to find pictures of Grace and Stephanie when they were younger to compare them with Stephanie's kids. This is what I can find so far, Stephanie is the little tyke being pushed by her dad with her sister Caroline.

Here is one of Grace and the kids.

Jenna1186 05-07-2003 03:48 PM

Hey Alexandria,

Thanks for the great pictures!The one with Grace and the kids in the snow, Caroline and Charlotte look so much alike that at first I thought it was Charlotte!

Alexandria 05-07-2003 04:08 PM

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A few more of Stephanie's kids. Camille (in Stephanie's lap) and Pauline.

Pauline and Louis.

michelle 05-31-2003 07:33 PM

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A hot paradise.....

Camille's daddy-smootch

c'mon mommy, hurry up!!!

Louis' cool snowboard style

" Hi, Steph...."

It's comin' home.....


Yap...most of 'em are taken from mags....

Camille goes skiing....

Steph running....during soccer match....

Louis with his Daddy Daniel and his brother Michael...

michelle 06-07-2003 05:46 AM

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..back to the little ones....Louis loves crazy...

ooops...sorry...diddn't know that you were so strict about that.... are some more "unprivate" pics... :rolleyes: ;)

The sisters with the boys....

Louis & Pauline

:huh: ....Loulou is in trouble.... :blink: ...with mama....

Tina 07-16-2003 03:11 PM

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03/23/2001. Stephanie of Monaco at the circus premiere Children of Stephanie: Pauline and Louis

Bubbette 07-23-2003 11:22 AM

They looked loved; I hope they don't turn out as wacky as their mother.

michelle 07-23-2003 03:24 PM

Why do you say that? Their mom is really nice and a stable, lovely person.

Jade70 07-23-2003 06:42 PM

i agree with michelle, she seen's very stable to me and loven

simon 02-09-2004 04:12 AM

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Princess Stephanie's daughters Pauline and Camille along with their mom and step-dad visited a hospital in Nice to comfort sick children...



There is no link to these pictures. Why don't you just do something about your bandwith? Whats the prob there? It always worked out. Why not now?

renats 04-21-2004 10:49 PM

May 4th is a very special day. It'll be Pauline's birthday. This is a special thread to celebrate her life! :heart:

Her first birthday e-card of 2004 in this board.

A collage for this gorgeous girl. :flower:

nouwrein 04-21-2004 11:10 PM

hej renats, you're a pauline fanatic heheh :flower:

i love your collage of Pauline, its so nicely done ;)

renats 04-21-2004 11:15 PM


Originally posted by nouwrein@Apr 21st, 2004 - 10:10 pm
hej renats, you're a pauline fanatic heheh :flower:

i love your collage of Pauline, its so nicely done ;)

Hej? Are you Danish?

Well, hej!

Fanatic? Maybe! ;) Each person has a different idea of what fanatic means. But for sure I love her very much! :heart:

And thanks!

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