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Josefine 09-01-2003 12:30 PM

Queen Margrethe's New Years Speeches
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I can´t find any pictur from 1981


Josefine 09-01-2003 01:00 PM

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Josefine 09-01-2003 01:20 PM

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paulette 09-04-2003 11:21 AM

thanks for the pictures..Its nice to see such a wise queen yet very elegant and beautiful. Her beauty never fades..

iT's my first time to know that Queen Margrethe wears glasses in the past. I really thought its just this later years.Her glasses were also big and round. But she was still gorgeous.

H.M. Margrethe 12-23-2003 05:15 PM


Originally posted by Josefine@Sep 1st, 2003 - 12:29 pm
Im sorry to say but ther is somthing rong withe the pic´s from 31-12-2000.
Same queen same room but diffrent dress ???
why ??

sara1981 12-23-2003 09:10 PM

like as Britain Queen Elizabeth 2 had speeches christmas messages but HM Queen Marthages had new years speeches makes me looks different years!

Sara Boyce

H.M. Margrethe 12-31-2003 09:01 AM


Originally posted by sara1981@Dec 23rd, 2003 - 9:10 pm
like as Britain Queen Elizabeth 2 had speeches christmas messages but HM Queen Marthages had new years speeches makes me looks different years!

Sara Boyce

I´m sorry what ???
I don´t understand what you meen with :like as Britain Queen Elizabeth 2 had speeches christmas messages but HM Queen Marthages had new years speeches makes me looks different years! ????
It has noting to do with my first question to Josephine.
My question was : why is ther 2 diffrents pic of HM Queen Margrethe 31-12-2000?
I do know that the 2 queens are speaking to the peabol Elizabeth on Christmasday and Margrethe on newyears evning.

MoonlightRhapsody 12-31-2003 02:31 PM

1975 was a good look for her...but when I saw the year with the huge glasses, I went :o Ahhhhh!

Josefine 01-01-2004 05:13 AM

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Josefine 01-01-2004 05:15 AM


Originally posted by H.M. Margrethe+Dec 31st, 2003 - 3:01 pm--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (H.M. Margrethe @ Dec 31st, 2003 - 3:01 pm)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-sara1981@Dec 23rd, 2003 - 9:10 pm
like as Britain Queen Elizabeth 2 had speeches christmas messages but HM Queen Marthages had new years speeches makes me looks different years&#33;

Sara Boyce

I´m sorry what ???
I don´t understand what you meen with :like as Britain Queen Elizabeth 2 had speeches christmas messages but HM Queen Marthages had new years speeches makes me looks different years&#33; ????
It has noting to do with my first question to Josephine.
My question was : why is ther 2 diffrents pic of HM Queen Margrethe 31-12-2000?
I do know that the 2 queens are speaking to the peabol Elizabeth on Christmasday and Margrethe on newyears evning. [/b][/quote]
I must have posted 2000 instead of 2001, I have fixed it now

paulette 01-04-2004 02:43 AM

nice outfit. I loved her earrings! It fits with the whole attire. What I really adore with the Queen is that she dresses the way she wants it to be. She is fond of color combination. :) She is very creative. Fabulous outfit!!!

I would suggest that she would look for another location in Amalienborg Palace wherein she would deliver her New Year's Speech. She always stays at that table through the years. I mean there are a lot of nice locations inside the palace itself so it would look good. But nevertheless, she still looks great.

In her 2004 New Year's address, Queen Margrethe spoke of the need for human contact in the age of e-mail and text messaging. "Most people have for more to say for themselves than is apparent... A lot of tension in modern society is due precisely to the conversations that never take place," the queen said.

paulette 01-17-2004 01:02 PM

Strong euro, coming expansion: European leaders urge hard work in New Year

01 January 2004

Buoyed by a strong euro and mindful of EU expansion, Europe&#39;s leaders used their New Year&#39;s messages to urge their peoples to work hard to meet the challenge of ensuring economic renewal and stability, in an uncertain and increasingly interconnected world.

Others, notably EU hopefuls from the former Soviet bloc, urged citizens to bury their troubled past and consolidate democratic gains to secure a firm place in an enlarged European Union.

French President Jacques Chirac, whose country like others on the continent has been thumped by an economic downtown, said fighting France&#39;s high, 9.6 percent unemployment rate would be a key priority for 2004.

With growth slowly returning, he said "the challenge for 2004 is to make the best advantage of this growth, with one priority: employment."

"To move onto a greater speed, we need to find new ways of taking action," he said.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder meanwhile warned that the way to renewed prosperity would "mean restrictions or doing without", as the country overhauls its generous welfare state and implements reforms.

These include advancing tax cuts to kick-start the economy and what he called "more self-responsibility" to avoid abuses of subsidized health care.

"Don&#39;t forget that it is largely in your hands how the Germany economy will perform," he said.

Germany, which has Europe&#39;s biggest economy, "will not be the only country to benefit by us acting decisively to modernize. The whole of Europe is looking at our efforts in hope," the chancellor said.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose country is not part of the eurozone and has been spared the economic downturn across the Channel, warned that the "stability should never be taken for granted."

"Britain is now seeing its seventh year of growth under this government.

"We have not gone into recession like many of our competitors and now we are well-placed to grow faster in the years ahead," he said, but "none of this has happened by accident but because of the hard choices that made it possible."

"Boom and bust, economic uncertainty ... used to be the British disease. We have cured that disease," Blair said, adding: "In 2004 we will do all we can to sustain and build on our economic strength."

In Moscow, President Vladimir Putin was also upbeat, avoiding specifics but telling Russians they had good reason to look forward to 2004.

"We had obvious achievements, both in economic and social life. And we have every reason to call the now past year a success," said a somber Putin who will seek re-election to a second term in March.

"We have had complications and mistakes, many problems were left unresolved. But we searched and found necessary decisions together, and all we achieved was not just a gift of fate, but the result of hard work," the Russian president said.

A human note came from Denmark, where Queen Margrethe II urged Danes "not to forget human contact, to devote time to each other, to speak together."

"Lots of things happened (in 2003) to cause turmoil, like the war in Iraq and domestic issues that triggered strained debate," she said, but "it is important to listen to one another, to respect the points of view."

In eastern Europe, Romania&#39;s President Ion Iliescu urged citizens "not to slow down the rhythm of reforms" in 2004, "a decisive" year when Bucharest joins NATO and completes talks for EU membership in 2007.

"We have linked our future to that of Europe and the success of European reunification is vital for us," he said, urging Romanians to fight harder against poverty and corruption.

In the Balkans, still feeling fallout of the wars of the 1990s that broke up Yugoslavia, leaders set their sights clearly on EU membership.

President Svetozar Marovic of Serbia-Montenegro, alluding to the anti-Western, ultra-nationalist surge in last week&#39;s elections in Serbia, stressed that "political disagreements, part of every democratic society, should not slown down our membership of the European Union."

President Stipe Mesic of Croatia, which hopes to join the EU in 2007, vowed that a similar nationalist advance in November elections would not veer Zagreb off its path.

"I am convinced that all those who are active in Croatia&#39;s politics ... and regardless of their party, are sharing the same strategic goals ... joining the EU and NATO."

Similarly, Dragan Covic, chairman of Bosnia&#39;s tripartite presidency, said, "we should believe and hope that in the coming year we are to make yet another step on our path toward EU and NATO."

In former Soviet republics, such as Azerbaijan and Georgia, leaders voiced hope for unity to end secessionist struggles that emerged after the collapse of communism.

President Emomali Rakhmonov of Tajikistan, the poorest of Central Asian states that fought a civil war in the 1990s, hoped "the need to strengthen national unity and stability would prevail in all levels of society."

Ukraine&#39;s controversial President Leonid Kuchma, who has been linked to scandals and accused of muffling free press, meanwhile, said he hoped to see Ukraine, the former Soviet bread basket "become a regional leader and a country ... feeding the entire world."

bct88 10-19-2004 04:37 PM

In 2000, she wore the same outfit she wore 15 years earlier in 1985. It is interesting to see a Queen who recycles her wardrobe, and who recycles it after a long period of time. :)

DKgirls 10-20-2004 09:19 AM

We've only got one thing to say: Gud bevare Danmark :D(God bless Denmark) That's the line that the speech ends with every year, no matter what she had said in it!!!! And there's always a thought sent for the Danes outside the country and in Greenland!

GrandDuchess 12-31-2004 01:13 PM

Queen Margrethe's New Year's Speech 2004
Here it is in Danish, but I don't have the energy to translate it right now. Perhaps a Danish native could? Then it would also be more accurate in small reflections in the language...


Ingen véd, hvad et år kan bringe; det har vi netop måttet sande i forbindelse med den forfærdende naturkatastrofe i Sydøstasien. Med uhyggelig kraft fejede flodbølgen ind over de lave kyster langs Det Indiske Ocean og førte død og ødelæggelse med sig. Blandt de mange tusinde ofre er også mange danske familier, og i disse dage må vi alle føle os dybt berørt, det er de tanker, som ligger øverst hos os alle.

Vi er ikke ubekendt med naturkatastrofer i fjerne egne, men vi tror aldrig, at det er noget, som kan ramme os. Vi er jo blot glade turister, der søger en varmere sol og et hav, der er mere blåt end ved vore kyster. Lad os derfor ikke kun tænke på vore egne tab, men også på de mange tusinde mennesker, som nu må se hele deres tilværelse slået itu. Vi skal heller ikke glemme de mange familier her i landet, som har deres oprindelse netop i nogle af de hårdest ramte områder; også de lever i disse dage med en stor uvished om, hvordan det er gået for deres slægtninge og deres oprindelige hjemegn. Netop nu varmer det derfor at se den offervilje, som mange yder på eget initiativ og det ihærdige arbejde, der gøres også fra dansk side med at sende hjælp ud til de hårdest ramte samfund.

Ja, vi lever i en verden i stadig forandring. Vi tror på fremskridtet og forventer en stadig fremgang, sådan som også vore forfædre gjorde det, selv om deres liv foregik i et roligere tempo, og morgendagen for dem var mere forudsigelig.

Det er i tilbageblikket, at fortiden virker så trygt overskuelig, mens fremtiden er fuld af "hvis" og "hvordan mon"? Vi beregner, og vi opstiller prognoser, vi lægger planer og sætter os mål. Men har vi det bedre som mennesker? Trives vi bedre end for blot et par generationer siden?

Om den øgede velstand i vor del af verden og her i Danmark kan der ikke herske tvivl; heller ikke om fremskridt for samfundet som helhed eller for den enkeltes forhold. De fleste af os vil nok mene, at det er gået fremad. Vi har åbnet os både udadtil mod den store verden og indadtil mod hinanden. Vi gør meget ud af, at enhver skal kunne komme til orde, og at ingen skal blive overset. Alligevel véd vi godt, at der er spændinger også i vort samfund, og at der hersker delte meninger om vejen frem. Sådan må det være i et åbent samfund, hvor den enkelte frit kan give udtryk for sine tanker og meninger, også når de måtte være ubekvemme, men hvor heller ingen skal forvente, at de kan stå uimodsagt.

Vor demokratiske tradition er ingen selvfølge, og et demokrati gror ikke frem af sig selv; det kan vi se, hvis vi kaster blikket rundt omkring i verden. Det er som en fin plante; den kan sagtens blive stor og stærk; men den kræver luft og lys for at kunne trives; den fordrer også læ, for den vantrives, hvis den skal passe sig selv. Det er vigtigt, at vi hører på hinanden og gør plads for forskellige synspunkter; men det er lige så vigtigt, at vi siger stop, hvis vi frygter, at noget truer vores samfundsform. Vi ønsker et samfund, hvor der hersker åbenhed og tolerance; men vi må samtidig stå fast på de værdier, som vi anser for grundlæggende for fællesskabet. Det er en vanskelig balance. Vi kan komme til at gøre vort demokrati fortræd ved at overreagere; men vi styrker ikke demokratiet ved at dukke os eller lade stå til. Det er en udfordring, som vi må tage alvorligt.

Hvis vi igen lader blikket vandre et par generationers tid tilbage, ser vi nok, at der er gjort fremskridt, ikke mindst materielt; men vi ser også, at vor hverdag alle hjælpemidler til trods er blevet mere kompleks. Der kræves meget for at kunne følge med. Den, som ikke er vågen, eller som har svært ved at begribe alt, hvad der foregår, kan nemt blive rendt over ende eller kørt ud på et sidespor, hvor al tale om at deltage i samfundets udvikling bliver uden mening.

Vi skal værne om det samfund, som vi har opbygget igennem generationer. Et samfund, der bygger på den enkeltes ret og værd, hvor der skal være plads til alle, hvor ingen grupper lukker sig om sig selv, men hvor alle er med.

Det år, som nu næsten er til ende, har været rigt på begivenheder for mig og min familie. Det er som om Kronprins Frederiks og Kronprinsesse Marys lykke og glæde ved hinanden spreder sig som et varmt skær overalt, hvor de kommer frem, og stråler tilbage mod dem og mod os andre. I tiden omkring brylluppet, i sommerens løb, ja hele året igennem har vi mærket en varm medleven i alt, hvad der angår vores familie. Det var med til at gøre Prinsens 70 års dag til en dejlig begivenhed, og den megen opmærksomhed både varmer og glæder ham. Også min søster, Prinsesse Benedikte, er dybt taknemmelig for den interesse, der blev vist hende ved hendes runde fødselsdag i april.

Men "sorrig og glæde de vandre til hobe" - og ingen familie undgår tunge tider. Derfor har det betydet så meget for min familie og mig at mærke den sympati og forståelse, som vises Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Alexandra i den vanskelige tid, de må gennemleve i forbindelse med deres separation.

At så mange lever med i vore glæder og vore sorger styrker en far og en mor og rører os mere, end vi kan sige.

Selv i et ellers trygt samfund som det danske kan en ulykke brat slå ned og ændre alt. Så er det godt at vide, at nogle har gjort det til deres arbejde og livsopgave at yde hjælp. Her tænker jeg særlig på den indsats, beredskab og redningstjenester sammen med politiet gjorde i dette efterår, da en voldsom eksplosionsbrand pludselig forvandlede et stille villakvarter til et inferno. De tøvede ikke og rystede ikke på hånden, skønt det kostede en af dem livet. Dem skylder vi stor tak, både for, hvad de gjorde den dag, og fordi vi véd, at vi kan regne med dem alle årets dage.

Naturkatastrofer og så voldsomme ulykker får lange følger for mange og slipper ikke lige straks sit tag i dem, der bliver berørt. Mine tanker og medfølelse går til alle, der er blevet ramt, og til enhver, som i årets løb har været ude for store prøvelser; måtte det nye år bringe dem trøst og opmuntring.

I aften bringer jeg også alle i forsvaret min nytårshilsen, både til dem, der gør tjeneste her i landet, og til dem, der er udsendt. De gør et stort arbejde ofte under vanskelige forhold; men de gør det godt, og deres indsats nyder anerkendelse og respekt ude som hjemme.

Mange danske befinder sig i aften uden for Danmark, nogle fordi de har valgt at lægge hele deres virke i det fremmede, andre fordi de er udsendt for kortere eller længere tid. Til dem og til de mange danske, som netop i disse dage er engageret i hjælpearbejdet i Sydøstasien, sender jeg mine gode ønsker for det nye år. Den indsats, de yder, er med til at gøre Danmark til et land, der er kendt og respekteret, og som man kan regne med.

I år har Prinsen og jeg haft mulighed for atter at træffe de danske i Sydslesvig i forbindelse med Slesvig bys 1200 års jubilæum. Det korte møde ved Dannevirke og i kirken på Gottorp Slot vil altid stå som et smukt og varmt minde. Begge ønsker vi alle et godt nytår.

I sommer fejrede Grønlands Hjemmestyre sit 25 års jubilæum. Det var en dejlig oplevelse for Prinsen og mig at deltage i festlighederne. Det grønlandske folk har påtaget sig sit ansvar for Grønlands ve og vel, og Hjemmestyret har opnået store resultater. Under hele vores rejse sammen med Kronprinsparret kunne vi se og mærke den udvikling, som det grønlandske samfund står midt i, og det levende engagement, der gør sig gældende. Den modtagelse, vi fik overalt, vil sammen med de store naturindtryk stå som uforglemmelige minder for os alle sammen. Med en tak for det gamle år ønsker vi godt nytår for alle i Grønland.

Til sommer vil turen atter gå nordpå sammen med Kronprinsparret, og denne gang til Færøerne. Den rejse ser vi frem til i glad forventning om endnu et møde med færingerne og det færøske samfund, og vi ønsker alle et godt nytår.

I det nye år er det 200 år siden H.C. Andersen fødtes. Det vil blive fejret herhjemme og mange steder i verden, kendt og elsket som han er for sine eventyr og historier.

Han var en mand af sin tid og et romantisk gemyt, men samtidig et mærkeligt moderne menneske, der forstod og lod sig begejstre over sin tids videnskab og opdagelser. "Vor tid er eventyrets tid", skrev han om sin egen tid. Hvad ville han ikke have sagt om vores! For det er en forunderlig tid, vi lever i. Vi kan kortlægge både det store og det små. Vi trænger stadig længere ud i det uendelige rum, vi udforsker galakser så fjerne, at det svimler for os. Vi finder ind til stoffets mindste størrelser, vi kan næsten måle en tanke. Og dog lever vi samtidig i den verden, hvor solen står op og går ned, og hvor himlen med sine stjerner hvælver sig over os; hvor vi kan glæde os over synet og smagen af et æble, mærke den varme nærhed fra en hund; hvor vi kan trøste os ved et blik fra en, der står os nær, og føle et kærtegn fra en hånd, vi kender.

Og vi ser, at vi er sådan, som mennesker har været til alle tider - ikke større, men heller ikke ringere. Selv på den mørkeste vinterdag kan glæden pludselig trænge sig på ligesom et solstrejf, lirke ved den knude, der synes uløselig, og dæmpe den sorg, der synes ubærlig.

Gid år 2005 må blive et år med solstrejf selv på de mørkeste dage, og hvor glæden må tændes gang på gang, hvor sår må læges, og hvor vi kan række hinanden hånden, så at revner og sprækker ikke bliver til afgrunde.

Med de tanker vil vi gå ind i det nye år, i dem kan vi lægge både vort håb og vor fortrøstning.

Sammen med hele min familie ønsker jeg alle et godt nyt år.


GrandDuchess 12-31-2004 01:16 PM

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Two picture from Queen Margrethe's speech tonight, looking very elegant as always... You can listen and see the speech online, go
here and click on "Dronningens nytårstale 31 december. 2004...

hrhcp 12-31-2004 02:02 PM

Beginning of "First Cut" translation of GrandDuchess's posting of:

Perhaps Chatleen can wield her magic ?


(thanks to


No one would know what a year can bring, to have the liberty here, while there is a large terrible catastrophe in Southeast Asia. The flood swept the coast along the Indian Ocean causing death and destruction. Among the thousands are a lot of danish families , and to those we have a closer connection, and thus can relate.

We are not unacquainted with natural catastrophes ourselves, however, we think that it lies beyond our edge. We are just pleased tourists , there to find a hot sun and oceans of , there's better than known at our coast. Let's therefore not only remember our own loss , however too at they a lot of thousandth people , that actually can look whole their existence zapped in pieces. Vi shall nor forgetful they a lot of families in this country , that has their parent precisely to some of they toughest caught regions ; too they liver to those days by a extensive uncertain about , how it is gone by their relatives and their primarily homes. This very moment hot that therefore that look the offervilje , that a lot of performs at own initiative and that energetic jobs , there do too from danish paper by that pour benefits forth to they toughest caught community. Certainly vi liver to a universe to settled alteration. Vi think at the improvement and expects a settled vigorous development , such that too vore forfædre did that , even though their life affect to a calm pace , and the next day by they were better predict. It is to the retrospect , that the past works so safely easy to see , while the future is loaded from " of which " and " how i wonder "? Vi estimating , and vi disposes forecasts vi lays plans and putting us destination. However have we that worse luck that people? Be happy vi worse luck than by just a couple of the older generation the paper? About the increasing affluence to vor part from universe and here to Denmark can be there no reign doubt ; nor about advance by the community in general or by the single relationships. The most from us vil very likely intend , that it is gone ahead. Vi has open us both abroad against masses universe and inwardly against each other. Vi doing highly forth from , that every shall could arrive at order , and that none shall become ignored. After véd vi good , that there's the stress too to vort community , and that there master splitting meanings about the access forth. Such can that være to a obviously community , where the single freely can be indicate his thoughts and meanings , too catching they be at liberty to være inconvenient , however where neither none shall expect , that they can be stand uimodsagt. Vor democracy tradition is none matter of course , and a democracy gror no forth from themselves ; that can be vi look , of which vi throw off glance here and there to universe. It is that a funky plant ; the can be easily become burly ; however the require gas and pale to could be happy ; the claiming too shelter , by the vantrives , of which the shall apply themselves. It is importantly , that vi hear at each other and doing site by various views ; however that's right up his alley so importantly , that vi says stop , of which vi fear , that anything threaten vores social conditions. Vi hope a community , where there master obviously and the tolerance ; however vi can contemporary insist on they assets , that vi anser by seminal by the community. It is a difficult equilibrium. Vi can be arrive at that do vort democracy advantage known that overreagere ; however vi strength no the democracy known that puppet us or cause stand to. It is a challenge , that vi can get gravely. Of which vi again loads glance track a couple of the older generation age back , notices vi very likely , that there's done advance , not least materials ; however vi notices too , that vor weekday all devices to spite has been better complex. There exact highly to could accompany. The , but is alert , or that has difficult known that conceive everything , affect , can be easy become run by terminate or driven forth at a dance siding , where all mention that have a hand in the community generation proves except sense. Vi shall cherish that community , that vi has construct through the older generation. A community , there builds at the single correct and asset , where there shall være site to all , where none sections closing themselves about themselves , however where all is by. That år , that actually nearly is to terminate , have been here rigt at events by me and my family. It is as though Kronprins Frederiks and Kronprinsesse Marys happiness and please known each other distributes themselves that a hot skær wherever , they discloses , and brightens back against they and against us others. TO the time round the wedding , to the summer run , certainly all the year round have we the mark a hot fellow in all , what there concerns vores family. It was by to that do The prince års day to a nice event , and the much attention both hot and i am pleased him. Too my sister , Princess Benedictine , is deep grateful by the interest , there went displayed her known hers round birthdate to april. However sorrig and please they track to hobe " and none family avoids hard times. Therefore has that add up to so highly by my family and me that mark the attachment and intelligible , that display Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra to the difficult age , they can experience in connection with their separately. That so a lot of liver by to vore i am pleased and vore the sorrow strength a father and a mother and affects us beyond vi can be tell. Themselves to a else safely community that that danish can be a accident abrupt zap and transform all. Give it a rest ascertain , that some has done that to their jobs and livsopgave that help. Here thinking i particularly at the contribution , alert and redningstjenester together with the police did to this autumn , when a fierce eksplosionsbrand abrupt commute a calm villakvarter to a infernal. They hesitate no and shaken no at the hand , although it cost a from they the life. They owe vi extensive cheers , both by , what they did the day , and because vi véd , that vi can be depend on they all årets days. Naturkatastrofer and so fierce accidents gets fetch consequences by a lot of and releases no straight at once his grip to they , there proves graze. Mine thoughts and compassion goes to all , there's been caught , and to whoever , in the course of the year have been here out by heavy scrutiny ; be at liberty to that new år bear they consolation and encouragement. Tonight brings i too all to the advocacy my nytårshilsen , both to they , there doing service in this country , and to they , there's delegated. They doing a large jobs frequently amid difficult relationships ; however they doing that good , and their contribution receive recognition and respect out that at home. A lot of danish be feel themselves tonight out of Denmark , some because they've selected that leave off whole their operate there stranger , others because they're delegated by brief or longish age. To they and to they a lot of danish , that precisely to those days is committed to hjælpearbejdet to Sydøstasien , sending i mine good hope by that new år. The contribution , they performs , is by to that do Denmark to a land , there's known and respect , and that decent can be depend on. This year has The prince and i had alternative by again that fall in with they danish to Sydslesvig in connection with Sneakier bys års anniversary. That brief appointment known Dannevirke and to the church at Gottorp Castle vil forever stand that a nobly and hot remind. Both hope vi all a bargain New Year. This summer celebrate Grønlands Hjemmestyre his års anniversary. It was a nice experience by The prince and me that have a hand in the celebration. That grønlandske they has assumed themselves his liability by Grønlands ve and well , and Hjemmestyret has recovered heavy outputs. Amid whole vores go together with Kronprinsparret could vi look and mark the generation , that that grønlandske community stands in the middle of , and that lifelike commitment , there doing themselves in force. The acceptance vi getting anywhere vil together with they heavy naturindtryk stand that uforglemmelige memories by us all between them. By a cheers by that old år hope vi good New Year by all to Grønland. Next summer vil the tour again walk in the north together with Kronprinsparret , and that walk to Færøerne. The go notices vi forth to to pleased expectation of yet a appointment by færingerne and that færøske community , and vi hope all a bargain New Year. There new år is it år the paper H.C. Andersen born. It'll become celebrated at home and a lot of spots to universe , known and beloved that he is by his adventure and business. He was a gentleman from one age and a romantisk jovial , however contemporary a peculiar up to date human , there understood and claim themselves fill with enthusiasm by one in time scientific and discovery. Vor age is the adventure age ", wrote he about one the own age. What ville he no orchard said about vores! By it is a forunderlig age vi liver to. Vi can be chart both that heavy and that little. Vi needs settled longish forth for ever partition vi explores galakser so remove , that that dizzy by us. Vi finder in to stoffets smallest sizes vi can be nearly gauge a reflection. And after liver vi contemporary to the universe , where the sun stands up and goes down , and where the sky by his asterisks arch themselves by us ; where vi can b....

Josefine 01-03-2005 05:44 PM

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from this year 2004

Lasse Pedersen 06-26-2006 03:44 PM

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HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark delivering her traditional New Year's Speech from her study at Amalienborg Palace on 31-12-2005.
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Lasse Pedersen 01-03-2007 06:02 PM

HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s New Year’s Speech, 2006
Below, you will find my translation of HM The Queen’s New Year’s Speech of 2006.

PLEASE NOTE that the present translation is completely unofficial and has thus been neither approved nor even seen by any member of the Royal Danish Court, and that I kindly ask you to therefore bear in mind that this translation is for TRF only. Thank you… and enjoy!

Lasse Pedersen’s translation of:

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s New Year’s Speech of 2006

At the commencement of a new year, it is customary to look both back and ahead. Did the past year turn out as we expected it to, or did it take an entirely different form? Were we able to leave the old year’s events behind us, or did it emerge, that they spread their seeds into the new year, that they were merely a beginning of new events? For these are, of course, the facts: Every year bears within itself both a beginning and a continuation. No breaking off is total, nothing new is without roots.

The year now past did in many ways become quite unusual for our country.

We in Denmark are proud of our country, and of what Danes in past and present have accomplished, even though we often try to ironically distance ourselves from our self-complacency. We are not at all sorry to draw attention to ourselves as a nation, and gladly do we receive compliments and attention, and we are not unaccustomed to being held forth as a good example; but suddenly to become the object of agitation and anger, is not something we are used to, let alone expect.

Every country, every people is marked by its culture and its history. This mark is borne by everybody, whether he or she remains at home or travels the world, maybe to settle in an entirely new place. There, in that new place, maybe in an entirely different continent, the traveller will meet a new country and another society, determined by the situation and history of said country, its culture and its customs. The country and the people receiving the travellers will also have to relate to completely new experiences. This, we, here in Denmark, have had to learn as well. Certainly, we have always known that the world is big, but it is when the world steps inside of our own domain that we have to realise how diverse it is, and how different customs and ways of life can be.

To settle in a new place is demanding; it requires making great efforts to get to know all that is new, to learn the language and familiarise oneself with the rhythm of the year, and the course of everyday life. A new framework is set for one’s life, and it will also appear that there are habits and customs, which one needs to change or even give up entirely. No one should expect those who arrive at a new place, at an unknown country, to immediately throw all their inherited goods overboard, as if they were superfluous. That would easily lead to one becoming utterly rootless. If a tree needs to be replanted, it must have a strong network of roots from the beginning; thus, it will be able to draw nourishment from its new place as well, to grow and to thrive.

Here in Denmark, we would rather that everything would pass off smoothly, that the problems, should they appear, would resolve themselves; for we think, of course, that what is natural for us, must be so for all others as well. It is just not that simple. We start to realise that we ourselves have to understand and make an effort to explain, what kinds of values our society is built upon, so that those who have not yet taken deep roots in Denmark, can find their place and their feet within the society, whose citizens they have become. The year past has probably taught us a thing or two, not least about ourselves. We know now better what we stand for, where we neither will nor can yield.

Every year, when New Year’s Eve comes, our thoughts set out on a long voyage to those, who are away from home on this night. Are they sitting all alone, or are they perhaps amongst friends who would like to hear what we usually celebrate do in Denmark; or are they with fellow countrymen in merry company, but yet under distant skies?

Here tonight, a warm greeting shall go out to all Danes, wherever in the world they are; to the Danish minority in South Schleswig as well as to those, who have set out to settle in a foreign country for a shorter or longer period of time. A special greeting goes out to those who must celebrate the coming of the new year at sea. Here, my thoughts are not least for everyone aboard the “Vædderen” on the Galathea Expedition; they take part in bringing hearty greetings from Denmark around the globe.

Tonight, we must also think of the many who, on public duty or with one of the relief organisations, work far from Denmark. They have undertaken tasks which are both difficult and dangerous, whether they be in the nature of humanitarian or military tasks. Their efforts, which they make undismayed and skilfully, fully aware of the responsibility that lies with them, are held in respect. I send to each and every one of them my wishes of a Happy New Year. We are all aware of the fact that their efforts entail a risk of life and health, and it deeply affects us when we must experience the truth of someone having paid the highest price. Tonight, my thoughts go out to all those who have lost a husband, a father, a son or brother or a close friend.

In a year like this, during which The Prince Consort and I have not been quite as much around the Danish realm as in other years, my thoughts have often gone out to the Faroe Islands and Greenland – these faraway parts of land which are ever so close to me and my family. I send my kind New Year’s wishes to the Faroese and Greenlandic societies, and to each individual home.

My New Year’s greeting also go out to the many who, in recent years, have come from afar and have settled here, but still experience Denmark as an unknown country. May the new year make them more familiar with life in Denmark and help them, the elderly as well as the rising generation, to find their feet in Danish society.

When we wish each other a Happy New Year, it is an old practice also to express our thanks for the old year, and in my family, we have a lot to be thankful for. Again this year, my family and I have met a warm involvement in all of our activities, both at larger events and in our everyday life. Here, I am thinking not least of Prince Christians christening nearly a year ago, and of the sympathy which I have personally met in connection with my, on the whole, excellent health.

When we are at the threshold of the new year, we would all like that all the good, all that succeeded in the old year will last and bear fruit whilst we put all the less agreeable behind us. We must not overlook it or pretend that nothing has happened, but use it as an experience which may make us wiser and better equipped to face the vicissitudes of life.

So, on this the last night of the year, I send my warm New Year’s greetings to each and every one in the whole country with thanks for the year past, and with the wish that 2007 will be a good year for our country and for every single one of us. Together with The Prince Consort, I wish a Happy New Year to all.


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