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LadyFinn 07-10-2019 08:10 AM

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and children went to La Maddalena. Isabella has icecream all over her...

LadyFinn 07-18-2019 02:32 AM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 2238006)
Silvia's and Madeleine's close friend is buried
Anki Wallenberg's funeral takes place in Dalarö Church outside Stockholm on July 18th. Now the court announces that the royal family will not attend their friend's funeral.
- The royal family doesn't have the opportunity to attend the funeral, but they are with in their thoughts. The royal family has sent condolences after the tragic death message and sends greetings and flowers to the funeral, says Margareta Thorgren.
Då begravs Silvias och Madeleines nära väninna _ Svensk Damtidning

Queen Silvia and Madeleine have changed their minds and will attend at Anki Wallenberg's funeral today. Margareta Thorgren confirmed to Expressen that they will attend. Anki was the royal family's friend since the 1980s. Around 100 guests will attend the funeral.

Tatiana Maria 07-18-2019 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 2240126)

Queen Silvia and Madeleine have changed their minds and will attend at Anki Wallenberg's funeral today. Margareta Thorgren confirmed to Expressen that they will attend. Anki was the royal family's friend since the 1980s. Around 100 guests will attend the funeral.

I did find strange the explanation that no member of the royal family "had the opportunity" to attend the funeral of a close friend, especially during the summertime.

LadyFinn 07-22-2019 04:37 AM

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz in Sardinia

Louise Thott at Anki Wallenberg's funeral
Madeleines bästis Louise Thott visar upp babymagen - Allt om kungligt

Peter Forsberg has done a jogging round in Djurgården, wearing Generation Pep's T-shirt.

LadyFinn 07-27-2019 02:07 AM

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz, Ivar and Isabella left Sardinia and flew to Gstaad to their "home away from home", as Andrea says. On Wednesday they went to a 10 km hike. This time they didn't take the most difficult hike first as they have one on previous years.
På hike _ Andrea Brodin

They hike every day.
Eat, sleep, hike, repeat _ Andrea Brodin

LadyFinn 07-31-2019 11:23 PM

Joakim Génetay, 45, is one of the royal family's closest friends. The other day he suffered a stroke at home in his flat in Umeå
- I collapsed on the floor but managed to get hold of my phone and then crawled to my front door, well aware that I had to unlock it to be able to get help quickly, says Joakim Génetey on his Facebook page.
He managed to retrieve his cellphone and called a colleague who called an ambulance. When the ambulance staff arrived, they began treatment before Joakim Génetay was rushed to hospital.
- I have now spent almost two days at the Stroke unit, cared for and nursed by wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly nurses, doctors and occupational therapists. There is a reason that Norrlands University Hospital is considered to be Sweden's best, he writes.
According to Allt om kungligt, the entire royal family is informed about the serious condition of the friend and when the message came they naturally became both sad and worried.
Joakim Génetay's father is Tim Génetay, 74, who since the 1960s has been a close friend of King Carl Gustaf. They studied at Uppsala University at the same time and have spent many holidays together. The king has, among other things, visited Tim in the exclusive ski resort Gstaad in Switzerland where he owns a chalet.
Joakim's late mother Agneta Génetay was also one of Queen Silvia's best friends before she passed away in 1985 in cancer. Joakim's sister Josephine Génetay, 42, is the goddaughter of Silvia and one of Crown Princess Victoria's best friends.
Tim Génetay is today married to his wife Kerstin and the couple lives in Vilan, a grand residence erected in 1792 a stone's throw from Drottningholm Palace.
Joakim Génetay, who is trained in the military and captain of the army, works as an extremely successful consultant in management and public affairs in Sweden but also internationally. He is also a great animal lover and partner in a veterinary clinic.
- Yesterday my beloved big brother came here and tomorrow my beloved future wife comes here from London. In a few days I will be discharged and receive care and rehabilitation at home, Joakim Génetay says.
Joakim's wedding is scheduled for August 24, but now the question is whether the ceremony will take place or be postponed due to his serious illness.
Kungafamiljen chockad – nära vännen drabbad av stroke - Allt om kungligt

sjetajiem 08-01-2019 01:27 AM

Gustav and Louise Thott(Lussan Gottlieb) are expecting their first child in the autumn of 2019.

LadyFinn 08-01-2019 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by sjetajiem (Post 2243439)
Gustav and Louise Thott(Lussan Gottlieb) are expecting their first child in the autumn of 2019.

Yes, I have written about that already on 13th June

Lee Lewenhaupt, the widow of king Carl Gustaf's friend count Carl Adam "Noppe" Lewenhaupt, has told to Gala Magazine (quoted by Expressen) that she is ready to start dating again and that Noppe wouldn't have wanted her to live the rest of her life alone.
She told also that her son Leonard Johansson (31) and his girlfriend Linnea Taube (29) are getting married in September. They got engaged in January in Thailand.
Lee says that the family is charging for the wedding and that there can be anything between traditional church wedding and "Jurassic Park" style wedding. And she hopes that there she will have grandchildren soon.
- The wedding will take place on September 28 at Steninge Castle and it will be great fun. They are so cute together.
Noppe Lewenhaupts änka öppnar för att dejta

Linnea Taube is the daughter of king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia's friends baron Per Taube and baroness Åsa Taube. The king and queen were seen in a yacht in St. Tropez in the beginning of July with Per and Åsa Taube and the happy couple Linnea and Leonard. Per Taube owns Steninge Castle. Linnea and Leonard are living at Taube family estate in Steninge.
Per and Åsa Taube telling about Steninge Castle at Gods & Gårdar
”Vi fick ett slott på köpet”

LadyFinn 08-04-2019 12:44 PM

Victoria and Daniel's friend artist, baroness Curie Adelswärd had the vernissage of her exhibition of sea views at Gallery Torekov on 20th July. Curie is born in Korea in 1967 and moved to Sweden when she was 13 years old. She is married to baron Jan Carl Adelswärd. She has painted the first official portrait of Estelle.
Curie and Jan Carl Adelswärd
Curie Adelswärd _ G A L L E R I T O R E K O V

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and the children celebrated Swiss National Day in Gstaad on 1st August. In the morning they were hiking and then started the celebration.
Ivar looked great at Cedric's old clothes

Yesterday Andrea was helping Cedric's mother on selling her stuff at the flea market, the children were also there. Andrea saw an armchair she thought was great, she bought it and Cedric had to carry it home. Now Andrea has to organize its transportation to Sweden.

LadyFinn 08-07-2019 02:32 PM

Emma Pernald Jonson with her husband Tomas Jonson and their sons at the reinauguration of Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården, 5th June.

Emma works now as Country Marketing Director Sweden in Nordea.
Emma Pernald Jonson - Country Marketing Director Sweden - Nordea _ LinkedIn

LadyFinn 08-08-2019 11:22 PM

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and children returned home to Sweden from their holiday in Sardinia and Switzerland.

LadyFinn 08-16-2019 10:25 AM

Sofi Fahrman on the cover of newest Mama Magazine

Sofi Fahrman, who has a daugher with billionaire Nick Zijlstra and is now dating swedish billionaire Filip Engelbert, is selling her house at the French Riviera. The house is located in Le Plan-de-la-Tour a few miles north of Saint Tropez. The luxurious six-room villa is built in southern French style in stone and gives a traditional and rustic impression.
A lovely swimming pool is available for cooling baths and the house is beautifully situated on a small hill next to vineyards.
The kitchen and bathroom are luxuriously renovated and the house, which is 168 square meters, is very tastefully decorated. The garden is a total of 15,000 square meters and there grows the beautiful and typical pine trees for the landscape.
In the living room there is a cozy fireplace and the house has two bedrooms and of course there is a dressing room for fashion-interested Sofi. Laundry room and garage are also included.
Sofi Fahrman säljer lyxvillan i Saint Tropez _ Stoppa Pressarna

Andrea Brodin was on Wednesday at a crayfish dinner at the woods.

On Wednesday Andrea was also photographed in front of Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Peter "Foppa" Forsberg has been in USA and played golf with former finnish NHL player Kimmo Timonen.
And with his former team mates Sakic, Hejduk and Liles at the Sanctuary Golf Course.

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