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LadyFinn 11-25-2018 01:01 AM

Caroline and Peder Dinkelspiel attended at Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation's Gala at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm on 20th November.
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Peter "Foppa" Forsberg and Nicole Nordin were interviewed in Örnsköldsvik Jenny and Niklas Strömstedt at TV-program "Tillsammans med Strömstedts" (Together with the Strömstedts). The program was shown at TV4 on Thursday 22nd November.
"Tillsammans med Strömstedts" is a swedish lifestyle series where the married couple Jenny and Niklas Strömstedt meet six famous couples to talk relationships and all they mean. What are the pairs of tips for living and feeling good in a relationship?

How did it happen that Peter "Foppa" Forsberg, one of Sweden's best hockey players ever and Nicole Nordin, student at Stockholm School of Economics, met.
As in many meetings, the coindicence played a decisive role. Forsberg, who was in 2009 at the end of his career, was in Stockholm and decided to go for a party dinner. He ended up next to a 21-year-old Nordin at the table.
- We had a great time and we "hit it off" right away. There was something special, says Nordin.
- We had fun from the first moment. That was what I got the most hooked on. The more we talked, I realized that we had the same philosophy, says "Foppa".
That it was 15 years between them was something they both thought about.
- I was a little bit scared at first, says Forsberg.
But there was nothing that stood in their way. Nordin said that "we can get children and careers at the same time" and only five days after her graduation from the Stockholm School of Economics, their first child Lennox was born.
Even though the age difference between Forsberg, 45 and Nordin, 30 was not something that affected them remarkably, Nordin tells them that they encountered prejudices from the outside.
- It is clear that there are prejudices about girls who are dating older rich men. One is expected to be housewife, love shopping and live in luxury. It is a generally accepted misconception. But I have kept low profile and struggled to create my own identity. I did that before I met Peter and I still have the same course. It has always been clear that I want to do a career, she says.
She has decided to do that. Today, together with Forsberg, she runs a number of companies while sharing responsibility for the family. They have three children together, besides the son Lennox they have daughter Lily and son Diego.
The little thing they have left on their "bucket list" is to marry. Forsberg proposed already in 2010. He had booked a nice restaurant in Paris, which he knew was Nordin's favorite city. After the appetizer he went down to his knees.
- Then we had been together for eight months. And of course I was nervous then, Forsberg said with a laugh.
Nordin said yes, but didn't want to get married at once.
- I didn't want to marry me as a student, then I didn't have my own identity. I didn't know what we would do with our lives. And to meet a successful man as a young woman ... I wasn't ready simply.
Today, eight years later, the situation is different. Nordin is ready, Forsberg wants, the only thing missing is time.
- So now we have said that in two years we will do it. We will.
Peter Forsberg och Nicole om åldersskillnaden och fördomarna

Their oldest son Lennox goes in his father's footsteps. He has already started at hockey school. But their other children are too small to test the same thing.
The couple had previously lived in Stockholm, but last spring they sold their 380 square meters apartment. They now own a house in Örnsköldsvik, but since autumn, Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin live in Switzerland with their children. The reason is that the former hockey hero and fiancé bought into a shoe company headquartered in just Zurich, and the plan is to live there for a few years to come.
The shoe company Inuikii, which they bought, is a family company that started in 2012. Foppa has previously been in the shoe industry. Perhaps we all remember when Crocs came to Sweden with his slippers, who quickly got the nickname "Foppa-tofflen".
Many think Peter Forsberg is Sweden's best hockey player ever. There are also those who claim that he is the best ever worldwide. He has won a lot of prizes, and in 2013 he was elected to the IIHF Hall of Fame and the year after he was picked up in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Despite the extreme success, Peter Forsberg told recently in SVT's NHL studio that he played with a vision disorder his entire career. A congenital error that makes that he has only 60 percent sight at his one eye.
Allt du vill veta om Peter Foppa Forsberg och Nicole Nordin _ Hä

LadyFinn 11-26-2018 12:53 PM

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz's daughter Isabella celebrates today her second birthday.

And a nice photo from Cedric Notz's Instagram
So proud of these amazing and beautiful woman in my family!

LadyFinn 12-04-2018 11:45 PM

Friends of the royal family at the Gazelle Gala at Stockholm Concert Hall yesterday evening.
Andrea Brodin and Madeleine's friend Tin Tin af Burén
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Peder and Caroline Dinkelspiel
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Sofia and Carl Philip's friends Stina and Johan Andersson
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Madeleine's friend Sofi Fahrman, has been chosen as an ambassador to the world campaign for the scent Escada Celebrate Life.
Svensk Damtidning called Sofi: How is it that?
- It's great fun, but definitely not something I had counted on. Not at my age and not without being a model. But they want a story like message and not just a nice face.
Why do you think they chose you?
- The perfume's concept is to spread joy and to pay tribute to life. I was well tuned in there. I am a curious person who wants to take care of the little moments of life, things that give energy. Previously, there was a lot of party and travel. But today I want to be close to family and friends. You do not need to do anything remarkable, it's important to just be together.
Madeleines kompis Sofi Fahrman får nytt prestigeuppdrag _ Svensk Damtidning

LadyFinn 12-10-2018 02:55 AM

Madeleine's friend Lovisa de Geer and William Søraa got seven weeks ago their first child, a son. Lovisa shared a photo yesterday at her Instagram.

Lovisa de Geer's and illustrator Millis Sarri's second children's book "Sofi & Jakob reser till New York" will be published in March 2019.
Sofi & Jakob have just landed in New York with their favorite aunt Lollo and everything feels loud, exciting and amazing. They go to adventure in the big city, traveling with the yellow cab, eating burgers and drinking milkshakes, discovering both Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. But when they pass the Central Park Zoo they are told that a little monkey has just escaped. Will they be able to find the little apanoch get the payroll as promised? Join the trip and help them find the Monkey Jocko again.
Sofi & Jakob travel to New York is the second part in a series of wonderful travel stories for the whole family. Both with brief and instructive facts, the value and a discovery journey in New York.
Sofi och Jakob reser till New York - Lovisa de Geer - böcker(9789188549617) _ Adlibris nätbokhandel

LadyFinn 12-16-2018 02:05 AM

Andrea Brodin has continued cooperation with Didriksons and the whole family has been photographed in winter / ski clothes.
Första snön! - Andrea Brodin

And with cooperation with Cubus, the whole family except Cedric has been photographed at clothes for Christmas celebration.
Festfin i jul - Andrea Brodin

LadyFinn 12-21-2018 07:59 AM

Svensk Damtidning has called Madeleine's friend Lovisa de Geer to congratuate her about hers and William Søraa's first child. Lovisa tells that his name is Carl Ludwig William and they call him Ludwig. They are so incredibly grateful for their little healthy boy. Lovisa will continue to travel and operate her travel agency as well as write books. In the future she will have the world's cuteest travel company and it will be exciting to discover a new way of traveling.
Svensk Damtidning congratulates Lovisa about her book will be published in China. Lovisa tells that in the spring, the book will be published in both Norway and China and several countries are at the entrance. So exciting. In March, the follow-up to the travel story about Lovisa's siblings Sofi and Jakob will be published. This time, the trip will go to New York and after that, more cities are to come in the book serie.
Madeleines väninna Lovisa de Geer om mammalyckan! _ Svensk Damtidning

LadyFinn 12-23-2018 01:13 PM

Andrea Brodin was this morning at TV4 News morning, she showed how to decorate a Christmas tree.

LadyFinn 12-28-2018 01:15 PM

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and the chidren spent Christmas in Östergötland.

Peter Forsberg, Nicole Nordin and children spent Christmas home in Sweden.

Louise "Lussan" Thott with her godson Hugo Philipson, son of Aje and Bathina Philipson.

LadyFinn 01-04-2019 11:02 AM

Sofia's very good friend, make up artist and PR-consult William Värnild, 33, has got engaged with Thomas Göransson, 39. The happy moment happened in Sri Lanka.
According to initiated sources, Sofia and Carl Philip were actually the first to know.
- Sofia was so happy she almost started crying. She is so genuinely happy for the guys and keeps her thumbs up because it will be a wedding already next year. Of course, she hopes to be a bridesmaid. Regardless, what a wonderful love message! The year couldn't have stopped in a better way, says a source to Stoppa pressarna.
William and Sofia are best friends, and when she married Carl Philip three years ago she did not throw away the bouquet over her shoulder as tradition offers. Instead, Sofia chose to give it to a happy William who happily received the beautiful flower arrangement.
It was also William who supported Sofia's sophisticated bridal makeup - an honorary assignment that many in the same industry can only dream of.
William and Sofia have known each other for many years and he was also the only guy who participated in the future Princess's festive hen party at Håtuna Stengård 2015.
Reportedly, friends meet a couple of times a year for a dinner on the royal Riche. But of respect to Sofia's new title and mission, William holds an extremely low profile and he would never speak about his private relationship with the princess. It is simply the code of honor he would never break.
Sofias bästa vän hemligt förlovad _ Stoppa Pressarna Kronprinsessan Victoria

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and Isabella spent New Year in Gstaad.

LadyFinn 01-09-2019 11:33 PM

Madeleine's friend, real estate agent Tin Tin Af Burén, has been chosen to sell Jonas and Stephanie Bergström's apartment in Östermalm. The base price for the apartment is SEK 19.8 million. The apartment (183 square meters) has three large bedrooms, spacious kitchen, four bathrooms and a balcony.
Madeleines bästa väninna säljer Jonas Bergströms lyxvåning _ Svensk Damtidning

LadyFinn 01-18-2019 09:54 AM

Andrea Brodin was this week at Formex - the leading Nordic interior design arena. Formex started in 1960 and is held twice a year, in the beginning of January and in the end of August.
Andrea at Formex, 15th January

LadyFinn 01-19-2019 01:23 AM

At the Elle Gala yesterday evening:
Caroline Kreuger Nilsson (left) and Andrea Brodin
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Andrea Brodin tells at her blog, that Fadi el Khoury has designed her gown.

Sofi Fahrman
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Leonard Johansson, 31 and Linnea Taube, 28, are engaged.
Leonard is the son of Lee Lewenhaupt, the widow of the king's friend count Carl Adam "Noppe" Lewenhaupt. Linnea is the daughter of the king and queen's friends baron Per and baroness Åsa Taube.
Leonard told to Svensk Damtidning, that he proposed on their holiday in Thailand at Per Taube's house there. They are very happy and so is Leonard's mother Lee. About the wedding Leonard said that they have not come so far with it yet, but the thoughts have gone from traditional church wedding to Jurassic park theme! Maybe it will land somewhere in between.
Noppes styvson Leonard Lewenhaupt ska gifta sig _ Svensk Damtidning

Peter Forsberg is behind Next Level Group, and its main client
Peter Forsberg - Next Level Group
CONTACT - Next Level Group

Next Level Group tells at their website:
Next Level Group (NLG) custom make strategies for sports personalities – both active and retired – for different kinds of platforms. Our expertise lies in placing the client in relevant content contexts; for example participation in TV-productions, as columnists in suitable publications or as a lecturer. We also advise sport profiles in finding and negotiating commercial collaborations and – after that – offer to assist in producing the actual content, regardless if it refers to TV shows, private lectures for a company or interview answers.
ABOUT US - Next Level Group

LadyFinn 01-28-2019 11:50 PM

Andrea Brodin's son Ivar had his 10th birthday on Sunday.
Andrea, Cedric and the children were enjoying of a beautiful winter day on Saturday.

Peter Forsberg, Nicole Nordin and the kids have been skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland.

LadyFinn 02-02-2019 05:08 AM

Andrea Brodin sang at a choir at "Årets Svensk" (The Swede of the Year" at Cirkus, 30th January.
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Andrea Brodin and Caroline Kreuger Nilsson have been training at Barry's.

Madeleine's friend Emma Pernald at the premiere of "Kvinnan i svart" (The Woman in Black) at Scalateatern, 31st January.
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LadyFinn 02-05-2019 02:45 PM

Victoria and Daniel's friend Karl-Johan Persson, the ceo of H&M, has invested in new dating app Relate.
Kronprinsessan Victorias vän investerar i ny dejtingapp _ Svensk Damtidning

Andrea Brodin has today been in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, which started today. She had her Design Talk at Kartell.

LadyFinn 02-07-2019 03:02 PM

Madeleine's friend Lovisa de Geer with her son Ludwig.

Cedric Notz has been in Eagle Ski Club, Wasserngrat, Gstaad in Switzerland, he took part in Eagle Ski Club Winter Games. Notz competed for Azerbaijan at the 2010 Olympic Games in slalom and giant slalom.

LadyFinn 02-10-2019 03:21 AM

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz arrived on Friday to Åre. Andrea tells at her blog that they would look at the Alpine championships, do some different events, meet different representatives from the unions, take pictures and document.
As soon as they arrived, they went straight to "Swiss House" which is Switzerland's own meeting point with food, entertainment, sponsors, Swiss food and even Swiss staff. Cedric, who has competed in slalom and giant slalom at the Olympic Games, was of course happy to meet everyone. In the evening they attended at an event with Skistar and Bode Miller.
Åre - Andrea Brodin

On Saturday Andrea and Cedric did some slalom skiing. Then thwy watched the downhill competition. After the race they went to cross-country skiing. The first three kilometers for Cedric, he has never done cross-country skiing, which Andrea loves.
Störtlopp herrar, Åre - Andrea Brodin

Queen Silvia's godson Fredrik von der Esch and his girlfriend Cecilia Forss got their first child about a week ago, a girl.
Cecilia Forss har blivit mamma – första orden om lyckan _ Hä

LadyFinn 02-17-2019 03:27 AM

Andrea Brodin was on Saturday at TV4 News morning, she talked about sustainable interior design.
Andrea was wearing an outfit from Busnel, inherited from her grandmother. And a hair diadem she has got from Cedric's mother.

LadyFinn 03-03-2019 02:08 PM

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and children have been in Gstaad for a few days. A lot of skiing was in the program. Cedric won a race, and Isabella was happy about that and about the prize, she played with it.

A lovely photo of Andrea at a dress, which Victoria has in black

Peter Forsberg, Nicole Nordin and children have been in Andermatt, Switzerland.

LadyFinn 03-12-2019 02:59 AM

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz were spending a long weekend in St Moritz.
Cedric was "hired" by a friend to attend at a ski competion with "Dubai Ski Team" and Andrea trained also with them.

At the dinner on Thursday.

At the dinner on Friday.

At the jungle theme dinner on Saturday.

Lovisa de Geer's second children's book "Sofi & Jakob reser till New York" will be released tomorrow.

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