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Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 01:58 PM

Queen Mathilde's Family - d'Udekem d'Acoz
Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz was born in Uccle in 1973, as the first child of Mr and Ms Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz, who got married in 1971.

In 1974 another daughter is welcomed in the family: Marie-Alix. She dies, together with her maternal grandmother, princess Sophia Sapieha-Kodenska, in a very tragic car accident in 1997.

Mathilde has two other sisters: Elisabeth (1977), and Hélène (1979).

In 1985 the girls get a little brother, Charles-Henri.

The family still lives in the Castle Losange in Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, in the Belgian Ardennes, where Mathilde grew up.

The castle of Losange

Another view of the estate of Mathilde's parents

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 02:29 PM

Mathilde and her deceased sister Marie-Alix in 1985, at the time of their confirmation.

Mathilde and Marie-Alix in 1985

Mathilde and Marie-Alix at their first communion

A picture of Mathilde, Philippe and their brothers and sisters (1999, engagement Philippe and Mathilde)

Hélène, Lorenz, Astrid, Mathilde, Philippe, Elisabeth, Laurent and Charles-Henri

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 03:03 PM

Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz, Mathilde's father, was born in 1936. He studied to be an agronomist, specialized in forestry.

He was for many years the mayor of Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, the small town where Mathilde and her family have always lived.
he has also been the local councillor of the city Bastogne, and now he's a judge at the court of commerce in Neufchâteau.

In 1971 he married the Polish countess Anne Komorowska, who was born in Bialograd, Poland in 1946.

Countess Anne is a nurse who has worked in a hospital in Brussels, untill the time she had children.

Mathilde's parents at their daughter's engagement.}

Patrick d'Udekem walking his daughter down the aile.

Mathilde and her father in front of the town hall

In church

At the time of Mathilde's marriage, the king made Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz and his children counts and countesses. They were already noble, but didn't have a title. You could say that they received a 'higher ranking'.

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 03:06 PM

Princess Mathilde and count Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 03:30 PM

Mathilde's mother at her daughter's wedding

Mathilde and mother

Mother & father at the civil wedding

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 06:39 PM

2 Attachment(s)
When Mathilde was studying, and later on working as a speech therapist, she lived together with her sisters in an appartment in Brussels.

Her sister Elisabeth d'Udekem d'Acoz is 3 years younger than her, and is like her, a speech therapist.

She has been, for quite a while now, the girlfriend of prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans. They're frequently spotted together on parties.

At Mathilde's wedding:

with prince Laurent

Elisabeth d'Udekem and prince Laurent

With her boyfriend Charles-Philippe d'Orléans:

At the Diane-Hermes trophee, 2001

At a Torrente fashion show, Paris, 2002

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 06:41 PM

8 Attachment(s)
1,2,3.At a charity ball in Ukraine, January 2003
4,5.Visiting sick children in a hospital in Ukraine
6,7,8.Still in the Ukraine...

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-19-2003 06:43 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Elisabeth and Charles-Philippe, October 2001

30th birthday of Charles-Philippe, March 2003

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-20-2003 09:05 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Mathilde's other sister, Hélène, is 6 years younger than her.

She studied law, and is the godmother of Philippe and Mathilde's eldest child, Elisabeth (2001).

At her sister's wedding, 1999

Hélène d'Udekem

1.At the baptism of her godchild, princess Elisabeth of Belgium
2,3.At Elisabeth's first birthday party.

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-20-2003 09:28 AM

And then there's Mathilde's only brother, Charles-Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz, who is 12 years younger than his royal sister

He's the godfather of Philippe and Mathilde's second child, prince Gabriel.

samitude 08-20-2003 11:45 AM

These children seem to know how to marry well. Is Helene still single? Prince Felipe of Spain should go for her. How long have Elisabeth and Charles-Philippe been dating? Is there any chance of a wedding?

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-20-2003 02:19 PM

Countess Hélène is still single, as far as I know.

I think it's pretty probable that Elisabeth and Charles-Philippe will get engaged, they've been a couple for nearly 3 years now.

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-23-2003 02:51 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Mathilde's mother also took Elisabeth to the hospital to visit her little brother.

Countess Anne Komorowska is quite used to looking after her granddaughter. When Philipe and Mathilde go abroad on an economical mission, they always bring Elisabeth to Mathilde's parents at the castle of Losange.

Adeema 09-01-2003 02:59 AM

Thank you for all the pictures, do you know the entire birthdate of Countess Hélène?

Cathérine Bergeyck 09-01-2003 05:44 AM

Hélène was born on the 22nd of September 1979, in Namur.

Adeema 09-01-2003 06:19 PM

Thank you Cathérine! :flower:

Cathérine Bergeyck 09-07-2003 03:21 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Countess Anne Komorowski with her youngest daughter, Hélène, at the wedding of Laurent and Claire, april 2003.

Cathérine Bergeyck 10-18-2003 05:17 AM

1 Attachment(s)
A picture of Mathilde's deceased sister, Marie-Alix.

samitude 10-18-2003 11:48 AM

Marie-Alix looks the most like her mother.

Dennism 11-04-2003 04:12 AM

I'm curious about this Hélène. She seems to have an unique style and takes fashion seriously.

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