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Mandy 07-27-2005 01:19 AM

Queen Saleha Picture Thread
Welcome to Queen Saleha's picture thread Part 1 where you can post older pictures of Queen Saleha. Please follow the attachment and copyright rules. If you wish to share images that have already been posted around the forums, do so via links or through a photobucket or similar account.

Thanks for your co-operation. Have fun!

tlklhm 06-13-2006 07:52 AM

Earlier portrait of Queen Saleha
The pic is from the following book:

Title : By God’s Will: a portrait of the Sultan of Brunei / by Lord Chalfont
Author : Chalfont, Arthur Gwynne Jones, Baron, 1919 –
Publisher : London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, c1989

Humera 06-13-2006 05:46 PM

thank you so much for the picture tlklhm. Queen Saleha is positively dripping in diamonds and I dont think I've seen that tiara before.

el-khanz 08-10-2006 01:11 AM

Great picture... She looks so pretty though she didn't wear hijab.

Vanesa 08-11-2006 02:04 AM

She is beatiful wearing it or without it, but I think that the traditional costume makes her more worthy. Wearing this kind of costume, she is really a Queen. :smile:


Quinas 09-12-2006 07:09 AM

1965 (credit to feathers)

Quinas 09-12-2006 07:10 AM


credit to : feathers

Quinas 09-12-2006 07:12 AM

1977 : (credit to feathers)

Quinas 09-12-2006 07:13 AM

1979 : (Credit to feathers)

Quinas 09-12-2006 07:13 AM

1979 : Credit to feathers

Quinas 09-12-2006 07:15 AM

Royal wedding : Credit to feathers

elle 09-12-2006 08:30 PM

wow!! you must have done quite a lot of searching. . . . a big thank you for sharing with us. . . :flowers:

mimimalil 09-14-2006 07:36 PM

I agree! Those are lovely pictures of the Queen. She's getting more beautiful now especially with her slim figure and always-bright smile. She's one tough lady and very-very admirable. I hope one day somebody writes a true biography of her. God bless queen Saleha.

Vanesa 09-14-2006 10:02 PM

Queen Saleha won a lot with time...I'm amazed realizing how she improved through the years. She is more beatiful now than when she was younger! :blink:

Thank you for this extensive research, Quinas!


el-khanz 09-16-2006 12:48 AM

I love those photos especially the one with Sultan and their kids. She's a very beautiful and also though woman. I truly respect her for her dedication to her family, to the royalty, and to Bruneian people.

Daniela 11-28-2006 05:55 AM

Sultan's children with Queen Saleha

Since there are treads on the children from Sultan's second marriage with Mariam binti Haji 'Abdu'l Aziz, I would like to start this new tread about Sultan's children with Queen Saleha. Since Crown Prince and his wife allready have their own tread I would like to concentrate on Sultans daughters and younger son in here.

If I'm not mistaken the daughters names are:
  • Rashida
  • Muta (?)
  • Majida
  • Hafiza
And the younger Queen Saleha's son is Malik.

I don't know much on them, although I've saw some of their photos. I hope that I'm not very nosy and over-inquisitive. I'm just curious. :blush:


elle 11-28-2006 07:34 PM

i believe prince malik is princess mariam's youngest son not queen saleha's. . that is if i'm not mistaken. . .

mimimalil 11-29-2006 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by elle
i believe prince malik is princess mariam's youngest son not queen saleha's. . that is if i'm not mistaken. . .

Prince Abdul Malik is Queen saleha's son. Prince Abdul Mateen is Hjh Mariam's.

The second daughter's (of Queen Saleha) name is Princess Mutawakillah.

Humera 11-29-2006 09:43 AM

Princess launches APA Environmental Forum
Her Royal Highness Princess Hjh Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah yesterday officially launched the Asia Pacific Aviation (APA) Environmental Forum at Indera Kayangan Ball Room, The Empire Hotel & Country Club.
The forum, hosted by Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA), aims to heighten awareness of environmental challenges and communicate joint industry messages or data aimed at sustaining air transport's development to secure its future growth. Borneo Bulletin

Daniela 11-29-2006 10:38 AM

Thanks, mimimalil.:flowers:

But, are this four sisters already married?


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