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Mandy 08-13-2003 04:20 PM

The Regalia of Norway
The Regalia

The regalia is a collective term for the Insignia of the Realm, which includes three crowns, two sceptres, two orbs, the imperial sword and the anointment horn. When Carl III Johan (Carl XIVJohan) came to the throne in 1818, it was clear he would be crowned in Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim as prescribed by the Constitution. Norway had no regalia, so the King himself ordered and paid for the essential items. The coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud in 1906 was the last to be held before the Constitution´s requirement concerning crowning was abolished. However, both the King´s Crown and the Queen´s Crown were placed on the high altar during the Service of Consecration and Blessing for King Harald and Queen Sonja in 1991.The Regalia are kept in Nidaros Cathedral and are on display there at certain times.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:23 PM

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The King´s Crown:
Made in Stockholm in 1818. Solid gold. Rim and hoops adorned with pearls and gemstones of various sizes and colours. Topped by a small blue-enamelled globe surmounted by a cross made of 6 amethysts.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:26 PM

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The King's Orb:
Probably made in Stockholm in 1818. Silver gilt. Bands decorated with small roses. Topped by a miniature orb (symbolizing.temporal power) surmounted by a Latin cross (symbolizing the sovereignty of Christ).


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:28 PM

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The King´s Sceptre:
Made in Stockholm in 1818. Silver gilt. Decorated like the orb with small roses. The top is formed of ornamental leaves surmounted by a miniature orb and cross.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:31 PM

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The Imperial Sword:
Reportedly given by Napoleon to Marshal Bernadotte (later King Carl Johan of Sweden and Norway) and worn by the king in the battle against Napoleon at Leipzig in 1813. Only the blade (now decorated with motifs from the Union) is original.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:33 PM

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The Anointment Horn:
Made in Stockholm in 1818. Silver gilt. Empire style. The tip carries a miniature royal crown. The handle on the lid is modelled like an acorn.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:36 PM

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The Queen's Crown:
Made in Stockholm in 1830, intended for the coronation of Queen Desideria which never took place. Gold. The rim and hoops are chased and adorned with gemstones. Topped by a globe of blue enamel, surmounted by a cross consisting of 10 pearls.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:39 PM

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The Queen's Orb:
Made in Stockholm in 1830. Silver gilt. Divided by bands set with amethysts. On top a miniature orb in blue enamel with pearl bands and cross.


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:42 PM

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The Queen's Sceptre:
Made in Stockholm in 1830. Silver gilt. Richly ornamented with amethysts (like the Queen's Orb).


Mandy 08-13-2003 04:44 PM

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The Crown Prince's Coronet:
Made in Christiania (Oslo) in 1846, designed by Johannes Flintoe. Gold. The only item of the Regalia made in Norway. Open crown with broad ornamented rim supporting eight bejewelled points tipped with pearls. Has never been used.


anna 08-13-2003 06:31 PM


Originally posted by Mandy@Aug 13th, 2003 - 10:44 pm
The Crown Prince's Coronet:
Has never been used.

This coronet is used in the monogram of Crown Prince Haakon and his wife and will most likely be used in the monograms of his children

- just like this coronet was in the monograms of Crown Prince Olav and Crown Prince Harald and their wives and children in their Crown Prince period of life.

Mandy 08-14-2003 10:05 PM

Hello anna,
I wonder if the phrase "Has never been used" in this instance really means "Has never been worn" - This article is from

Thanks for sharing this information regarding the monograms of crown princes.

Josefine 09-20-2004 05:12 AM

wonder if there is a crown princess crown for Ingrid Alexandra

norwegianne 09-20-2004 10:53 AM

As the Crown Prince's Coronet has never been worn... there's really not a Crown Princess Coronet. Ingrid Alexandra will probably use the image of the existing Crown Prince's Coronet, when she becomes Crown Princess.

RoyalistRiley 08-01-2009 11:32 PM

Isn't it interesting that hardly any of the regalia was made in Norway itself? And that the one piece made in the country hasn't been worn?

kathl29 08-02-2009 03:52 AM

Thank you for putting up the pictures and info about the Norwegian Regalia. The Norwegian Royal Family is one I particularly like but I didn't know much information about their crowns etc

SASSY 11-08-2009 04:32 PM

What exactly were the Orb's used for during the coronation ceremony?

RoyalistRiley 11-09-2009 02:09 AM

I think that orbs are presented to the monarch as a symbol of Royal power being (supposedly) derived from God. I know that in the UK it is held by the monarch during the actual crowning.

Grandduchess24 04-01-2012 10:36 PM

the royal regalia of norway like others are spectacular, I for one love the royal order of st orlav and sash.

An Ard Ri 04-14-2014 03:15 PM

Some further information on the Regalia of Norway

Regalia of Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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