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A.C.C. 07-09-2005 08:23 PM

60th Anniversary of the End of World War II Celebrations: July 10, 2005
Tomorrow the major events involving the Royal Family to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII will take place. There will be a service at Westminster Abbey, a parade at Horse Guards, a lunch in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, and the Royal Family will make a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace. There will hopefully be many pictures of this eventful day.

HMQueenElizabethII 07-09-2005 11:03 PM

Yes,A.C.C,there would be a lot of great photos,I'm so waiting to see the pictures.

HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 11:06 AM

9 Attachment(s)
First pics of today from Getty Images and ANP Photo:

HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 11:16 AM

2 Attachment(s)
The Royal Family leaving Buckigham Palace for the Horse Guard Parade from Getty Images:

The Duchess has really new hat style:

ElisaR 07-10-2005 11:19 AM

:) I like yellow near uniforms.

There are so many events today - the reception, the ceremony on Horse Guards Parade, the balcony...
I hope to see MANY pictures.

Oh, she changed her dress. Again an "old" one.
:eek: OMG, Philip is smiling. I mean: a real, normal smile! I'd like he did it more often.

HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 11:30 AM

2 Attachment(s)
The Queen and Prince Philip at the Luncheon in Buckigham Palace:
Pics from ANP Photo:

HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 11:32 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Ealier The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in Cardiff:
From ANP Photo:

corazon 07-10-2005 03:01 PM

2 Attachment(s)
2 photos, with sophie wessex. (may be she is pregnant) and without louise.
From Getty and Newscom.

sara1981 07-10-2005 03:19 PM



sara1981 07-10-2005 03:20 PM

Thousands turn out as Queen Elizabeth thanks veterans who helped win World War II

Associated Press Writer

Veterans hold regimental standards during a show on London's Horse Guards Parade, Sunday July 10, 2005, as part of events commemorating the end of the Second World War. (AP Photo/ Matthew Fearn, Pool)
LONDON Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday expressed the nation's admiration, gratitude and respect for the generation that fought and won World War II, as thousands turned out on a glorious summer day to mark the 60th anniversary of the conflict's end.

sara1981 07-10-2005 03:22 PM

Queen Elizabeth II unveils British memorial to women who served in World War II

The Associated Press Britain's Queen Elizabeth II unveils the Women of World War II Monument in Whitehall, central London Saturday July 9 2005. The memorial, located in Whitehall near the national memorial to war dead, recognizes the sacrifices both of women in uniform and those who toiled on the home front. ( AP Photo/PA, Michael Stephens)

sara1981 07-10-2005 03:28 PM

Queen Elizabeth Honors WWII Veterans

sara1981 07-10-2005 03:33 PM


Queen Unveils U.K. Memorial to WWII Women

Elise27 07-10-2005 03:43 PM

nice to see the queen with such a huge smile on the balcony.

marezdote 07-10-2005 05:00 PM

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GBR: Buckingham Palace Luncheon For Second World War Veterans

marezdote 07-10-2005 05:06 PM

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HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 08:06 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Photos of the National Thanksgiving Service from Getty images Editorial:

HMQueenElizabethII 07-10-2005 08:09 PM

5 Attachment(s)
From the Luncheon at Buckingham Palace:
From Getty Images Editorial:

grecka 07-10-2005 08:09 PM

I wonder why Edward wore the uniform. A bad choice for someone who whimped out, in my opinion.

sara1981 07-10-2005 08:10 PM


60th Anniversary Of End Of WWII - Buckingham Palace Flypast

60th Anniversary Of End Of World War Two - Westminster Abbey Thanksgiving

Buckingham Palace Luncheon For Second World War Veterans

The Queen Unveils A Monument To The Women Of World War II

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