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Lena 06-23-2005 09:00 PM

Newsletter Feedback
Here you can post, what you think about the monthly newsletters, that members of the moderator-team have created.
Please tell us, what you have liked and what not. Or maybe you have ideas for the next newsletters?
Complaints, praise, suggestions, creative ideas...- all is welcome and appreciated.

Australian 06-24-2005 09:06 AM

the newsletters are a good read. It is interesting and informative. Maybe you could include a royal profile each newsletter. For example, for one month, do a profile of Masako of japan and the next month someone else.

Also, have a profile of a different royal residence/ palace for each edition. Just background info or historical info on the residence

GrandDuchess 07-14-2005 09:02 AM

Thanks for the feedback Australian!

LauraA 09-16-2005 06:55 AM

I would just like to say what a wonderful job you have done with the profile on Princess Lilian. I've been following the Swedish royals for about 20 years and you had found such an amount of pictures I'd never seen. This seems by the way to be an interesting forum. Keep up with the good work. :)


mybags 10-01-2005 11:30 AM

Thanks to all our team moderators for their hard work on the newsletters. I especially enjoyed the most recent one with the focus on Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. I found it wonderfully refreshing and informative. Thanks again for all of your time and dedication to the forums

Here's my slip of paper in the suggestion box:
For a future newsletter what about a profile on Princess Benedikte of Denmark, or one of the Liechtenstein princes?

Keep up the good work!

GrandDuchess 11-25-2005 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by LauraA
I would just like to say what a wonderful job you have done with the profile on Princess Lilian. I've been following the Swedish royals for about 20 years and you had found such an amount of pictures I'd never seen. This seems by the way to be an interesting forum. Keep up with the good work. :)


Thank you LauraA, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Some of the pictures in the newsletter featuring Princess Lilian comes from her own book, released in 2000, so that could be the reason why you haven't seen them before. I had the book, so that way we got some very special pictures into the profile as well. Alexandria, administrator here on the forums, wrote the excellent text to her profile as well.

purple_platinum 12-11-2005 07:50 AM

Thank you for all the excellent newsletter every month.. it's always good to see some retrospectives... and i really enjoy it!

i'm curious, however, about the Story of TRF... perhaps you can put on some of your newsletter : on how it began.. who starts it.. and the rest of the story... i remembered it used to be lestribunesroyales, or am i wrong?

Marengo 12-13-2005 03:54 AM

Hi, as I recently discovered the newsletter and I enjoy it very much, I wondered when the december one is coming?

Another thing, rereading the (excellent) newsletter about princess Margriet I noticed a slip of the tongue. About her baptism the article says that Queen Wilhelmina came over from the Netherlands. The queen lived in London at that time, as the Netherlands was occupied by the Nazi's.

Lisele 06-05-2006 08:56 PM


I love the newsletters you do and I think you do a superb job. Keep up the good work :)


crisscross1 01-26-2007 06:49 PM

So many things happened during 2006, I enjoyed revisiting the events.
Suturegeisha's photo memory was great.
Thanks for your hard work.

lucien 04-04-2007 03:15 AM

Great thread Norwegienne!!

Would like to add some birthdays for the april calender.

April 8th,HRH Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon Parma (1930)
April 10th,HH Prince Floris (1975)
April 14th,HSH Fürstin Marie of Liechtenstein (1940)
April 15th,HRH Crown Prince Filip of Belgium (1960)
April 15th,Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (2001)
April 16th,HH Pope Benedict XVI ( 1927)
April 16th,HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
April 17thmHH Prince Maurits
April 18th,HH Princess Annette
April 21st,HM Queen Elisabeth II
April 25th,HRH Prince Louis-Alphonso de Bourbon,Duke 'd Anjou (1974)
April 26th HRH Prince Philippos (1986)
April 27th,HRH The Prince of Orange (1967)
April 30th, van Vollenhoven.

Wedding anniversaries:

April 9th,TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall (2005)
April 28th,TM King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit.

norwegianne 04-06-2007 08:31 AM

Thank you, lucien. We do try to remember as many birthdays as possible, but sometimes it gets a bit rushed - and then it is good to have someone to remind us.


lucien 04-12-2007 04:25 AM

I forgot,sorry:

State Visit by TM King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to Luxembourg,monday april 16th till april 18th.

dazzling 05-05-2007 12:31 PM

I like the small summaries of what each royal does, but I think it would also help if a small picture from any event that has been taken place or a formal picture so for people who arent familiar with the royal. Because i think a few are familiar with names but not faces and vice-versa. not only that but it would also add some color/images to the newslatter in other words its not only articles.
Also, i think if a small section is included just for random pictures, could be a mix of the kids, funny pictures etc... im not expecting 10-20 pictures but 3-5 would be nice, therefore people who dont really have time to catch up on daily bases on royal events they could go through a few random pictures

lucien 05-08-2007 12:47 PM

Few additions for the May newsletter:

Wedding aniversaries:

May 6th:wedding anniversary of TIH The Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan.


May 14th:
King Sihamoni of Cambodia (1953)
Isabella van Vollenhoven (2002)

May 15th:
Dom Duarte,Duke of Braganca (1945)
Prince Jean of Luxembourg (1957,twin brother of Margaretha)

May 25th:
Samuel van Vollenhoven (2004)

May 31st:
Felicia van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (2005)


Avalon 05-08-2007 01:14 PM

Thank you Lucien. You're additions have already been added. :flowers:

lucien 06-01-2007 02:17 AM

Dear Norwegienne/Avalon,

Time does fly!First of june already.Here are some additions for the june newsletter,that's keeping you busy now,no doubt.


June 1st:
HRH Prince Christian (Hannover 1985)

June 2nd:

HM King Constantine (Greece 1940)

June 3rd:

Countess Leonore (Netherlands 2006)

June 5th

HR&IH Princess Astrid ( Belgium 1962)

June 6th:

HM King Albert II (Belgium 1934)

June 7th:

HRH Prince Joachim (Denmark 1969)

June 8th:

Andrea Casiraghi (Monaco 1984)
Countess Eloise (Netherlands 2002)

June 9th:

HRH Princess Theadora (Greece 1983)

June 10th:
HRH Prince Philip,Duke of Edinburgh (UK 1921)
HRH Prince Georg Friedrich (Prussia 1976)
HRH Princess Madeleine (Sweden 1982)

June 11th:

HM Queen Fabiola (Belgium 1928)
HRH Prince Henrik (Denmark 1934)
HSH Prince Alois (Liechtenstein 1968)

June 12th:

HRH Princess Sybilla (Luxembourg 1968)

June 13th:

HRH Princess Elena (Spain 1968)

June 16th:

HM King Simeon (Bulgaria 1937)

June 17th:

Bernardo Guillermo (Netherlands 1977)

June 18th:

Countess Zaria (Netherlands 2006)

June 20th:

HRH Birgitte,Duchess of Gloucester (UK 1946)
HRH Prince Moulay Rachid (Morocco 1970)

June 21st:

HRH Prince William (UK 1982)

June 22nd:

HRH Prince Emanuele Filiberto (Italy 1972)

June 23rd:

HRH Princess Carolina de Bourbon Parma(Netherlands 1974)

June 26th:

HRH Princess Alexia (Netherlands 2005)

June 28th:

HRH Prince Hussein (Jordan 1994)

June 30th:

Countess Alexandra of Fredensborg (Denmark 1964)


June 2nd:

Coronation HM Queen Elisabeth II (UK 1953)

June 4th:

Coronation King Gyanendra (Nepal 2001)

June 6th:

National Day (Sweden)

June 9th:

Coronation of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Thailand 1946)

June 10th:

Wedding anniversary of TM King Mihail and Queen Anna (Rumania 1948)
Wedding anniversay HM Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik (Denmark 1967)
Wedding anniversary TM King Abdullah and Queen Rania (Jordan 1993)

June 19th:

Wedding anniversary TM King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia (Sweden 1976)

June 29th:

Wedding anniversary Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko (Japan 1990)

State Visit:

June 8th - june 10th:

State Visit by President Hu Jintao of China to Sweden.


TLLK 06-26-2007 10:55 PM

I'd like to add my thanks to those who prepare these newletters.

crisiñaki 07-01-2007 04:12 AM

Thanks a lot for the newsletter, this month's been pretty interesting, I've never known Queen Sonja used to sail:rolleyes:

One small flaw: some of the picture links aren't working, it's better not to give a direct link to the image but to upload it at imageshack, photobucket or whatever

Once again, thanks a lot and i hope you can put the pics back on:flowers:

norwegianne 07-01-2007 04:20 AM

The picture-links should have been fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

I'm glad you enjoyed the topic.

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