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Elspeth 06-17-2005 11:46 PM

Prince William Current Events 5: June-September 2005
This thread is for news and pictures of Prince William.

The old thread is here:

sara1981 06-17-2005 11:59 PM


Prince's prize kiss for Duchess William greeted Camilla as she handed out prizes after the match

Prince William kissed his stepmother the Duchess of Cornwall in front of royal photographers for the first time, after competing in a polo match.

The prince kissed both of Camilla's cheeks after playing with his father in the Burberry Cup polo match at the Cirencester Park club, Gloucestershire.

William greeted her as she handed out the prizes after the charity match.

The display of affection comes less than a week after the pair shared a carriage at Trooping the Colour.

Next week, the Duchess is expected attend to attend William's graduation at St Andrews University. He achieved a 2:1 honours in his geography MA degree.

Both William and Prince Harry kissed Camilla goodbye inside the grounds of Windsor Castle after Charles and Camilla's wedding in April. But that was only captured by a crew making a film documentary.

The Cirencester Park Polo Club is about 10 miles from Prince Charles' countryside retreat Highgrove. William and his father were part of a Highgrove team that lost to the home side. But the match raised a total of Ģ50,000 for two charities, the Samantha Dixon Trust and the National Osteoporosis Society, of which Camilla is president.

rchainho 06-18-2005 06:55 AM

Degree of uncertainty as William graduates Saturday, 18 June 2005 William will next week kneel before the chancellor of St Andrews University, Sir Kenneth Dover, to receive an honours degree in geography. To the words et semper te (and upon you), he will be "capped" by being tapped on the head with what is supposed to be a fragment of John Knox's breeches.

For the other 1,400 students graduating at St Andrews, it is a joyous rite of passage; for the prince, it is a special moment which also brings a huge burden. The question "What next?" hangs heavy over him and there also are very real fears that the gentlemen's agreement observed by the media during William's time at St Andrews could be exchanged for a press open season.

William's graduation, in the 600-year-old Younger Hall on Thursday, will be watched by his father Prince Charles, his stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and his grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Afterwards, Charles and Camilla are expected to join William for lunch to celebrate his 2:1, the most successful academic performance by a modern-day Royal, but in a subject which offers no clue as to what the prince will do next. On Tuesday, two days before he graduates, William will have turned 23; it is a busy week for a young man whose only inked-in diary engagement is an official trip to New Zealand to watch the British and Irish Lions take on the All Blacks at rugby.

William's years at St Andrews have been surprisingly free of the tempestuous times which have afflicted his younger brother Harry, who has trouble staying out of the news as big brother prepares to sign off four quiet years on the Fife coast.
Official press calls at St Andrews helped to control the media attention surrounding Prince William, but the gentlemen's agreement ends upon his graduation. Picture: David Cheskin/ PA

Friends of the prince and media observers agree that the gentleman's agreement drawn up between the Press Complaints Commission and St James's Palace four years ago has worked well. In return for a number of photo opportunities - William playing golf, William playing pool, William relaxing on the rocks or beach, William chatting with his tutor - the media has left the student prince well alone. The interviews have been anodyne - "I do a lot of shopping; I enjoy the shopping, actually. I buy lots of things and then go back to the house and see the fridge is full of all the stuff I've just bought" - but they have kept the wolves from the Royal door. This allowed William to go to local pubs, play his favourite sports (such as water polo), spend time with his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, in a secluded cottage outside St Andrews and even learn Swahili.

Since meeting as first-year history of art students, William and Kate have remained virtually inseparable, living together away from the media glare as a couple for the last two years. It may have been the see-through dress over black underwear Kate famously wore at an early student fashion show that first caught his eye. Her interest in fashion could influence her career path.

Such isolation from the prying eyes of the press is also set to come to an end when the pair graduate, though they are expected to go travelling together to Asia or Africa later in the summer.

The couple can expect more of the sort of attention they gained on the slopes of Klosters in April where Kate was invited for a second year running. Then William told reporters: "I am too young to marry at my age. I don't want to get married until I am at least 28 or maybe 30."

When he arrived at St Andrews in 2001 with Prince Charles, there were suspicions as to how well William would cope with life in the quiet Fife seaside town. There was the first-year wobble when he was said to be struggling to settle down and make friends. "I was a little uneasy," he admitted, also conceding that he was taking his time to embrace Scottishness and only wore a kilt in private.

Yet a switch from history of art to geography as his main degree and the long-term romance with Marlborough-educated Kate changed all that.

Rebecca Flynn, manager of Ma Bells bar, one of his favoured St Andrews watering holes, described the prince as popular. She said: "He used to come in quite often, but less so recently. He would always just seem to blend in and be surrounded by young people and friends. He was obviously well in with the rugby crowd and I would say his time here has been positive, both for him and the town."

Dr Brian Lang, principal and vice-chancellor of St Andrews, was also pleased with William's time in Fife. He said: "We've had four very normal years. We're pleased that he [William] has done so well and has had as normal a life as could have been expected. They have been four private years; his time here will continue privately."

When the nightlife in St Andrews failed to provide the prince with enough excitement, he would pop over the Forth Road Bridge to the more lively attractions on offer in Edinburgh - including the Opal Lounge club on George Street. Event organiser Charlie Gilkes, who combines being a student at Edinburgh University with running his own company, Chic Vie, was involved in a number of events attended by William. He fears the notoriously shy prince will become a prime target for the paparazzi in London. "When Prince William was in Edinburgh at events, the priority was always to protect his privacy," he said.

"He would never want special treatment, just preferring to blend into the background. He likes to have as much fun as his brother Harry does but he is aware of his role as heir and goes to more parties in private settings.

"But I fear he could now be a victim of the greed of photographers who will literally turn up within seconds if they find out he is at a particular club in London and swarm all over him.

"Any picture of him a bit drunk or with a girlfriend will sell internationally for a far higher price than say a picture of Tom Cruise with his new girlfriend. It is a sad part of human nature but he will be a target for photographers."

Celebrity PR adviser Max Clifford said: "How Prince William deals with the press is make or break for the monarchy. He is their potential saviour. If he follows his father and tries to fight the press he will lose. Instead he must make them work for him and understand their needs like his mother did so effectively. Princess Diana was able to use the media to turn herself into the most popular person on the planet and he can certainly use them to his advantage."

Jack Irvine, a former editor of the Sun in Scotland who now heads the Media House PR firm, fears an open season on William.

He said: "The press have been pretty decent during his time at St Andrews and he has played the game well. But I think it will be open season from the moment he graduates - and the focus will be on the women he's with or the clubs he's in.

"Prince William will be prepared for the extra attention but I worry that we could see more of the stunts we saw this week when the undercover reporter broke into Sandhurst.

"Any picture of him dancing or with a girl will be gold dust. I've only heard good things about him so I think he will cope. There is talk of him going into the army but in my opinion that is only putting off the inevitable day he has to embrace public life."

Prince Charles was already a veteran of public duty at 23 and despite murmurings that William will follow a similar route, officials at Clarence House concede that what Prince William does next is the "64-million dollar question."

There has been no Palace consultation with Fleet Street editors as to what steps if any could be taken to ensure the prince is not subjected to the same harassment his mother faced before her death.

"The press agreement we had in place during Prince William's time at St Andrews was put in place because he was in full-time education," said a spokesperson for Clarence House. For Prince William, his post-university life marks the start of a transitory period. He is expected to take a private holiday and undertake the trip to New Zealand but there are no plans for him to be rushed into public engagements."

A stint in the army is viewed by palace officials as a "distinct possibility" but William would not be likely to arrive at Sandhurst until the start of 2006 (by which time security will, presumably, have been tightened). For the rest of 2005, he is thought likely to undertake charity work along with a period of travel.

Wherever he goes, the cameras are unlikely to be far away.

EDWARD BLACK, Scotsman June 18 2005

rchainho 06-18-2005 06:55 AM

William follows royal line into the Army with assessment for Sandhurst Saturday, 18 June 2005 PRINCE WILLIAM has taken the first step towards becoming an officer in the Armed Forces.

The Times has learnt that William spent Tuesday at the Army's Regular Commissions Board in Westbury, Wiltshire, being assessed for a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The decision to follow his brother, Prince Harry, into the Army will delight his father and grandfather, who have had military careers.

William, who graduates from St Andrews University on Thursday, will also carry forward his late mother's legacy. The Prince, who is 23 on Tuesday, has received more than 230 written requests from charities anxious to have his name on their letterheads.

The Times has learnt that William approached Centrepoint, the charity for young homeless people in London, which was a favourite of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Centrepoint was one of six charities the Princess continued to support after she announced her partial withdrawal from public life in 1996. She made the speech relinquishing her other charitable duties at Centrepoint only months after taking William, then 13, and Prince Harry on a late-night visit to one of its shelters.

William, who served food to homeless young men and women, made clear to his father and advisers that he wanted to carry on his mother's work at the centre. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales will attend William's graduation ceremony on Thursday. He leaves St Andrews after four years with a 2.1 degree in geography.

The Prince will fly to New Zealand for the British Lions rugby tour. While there he will undertake his first solo engagements on behalf of the Queen. William will take part in wreath-laying ceremonies in Auckland and Wellington to honour the 10,000 New Zealanders who died in the Second World War.

With the Queen celebrating her 80th birthday next year, William will be expected to shoulder an increasing number of royal engagements. The Prince, who is being advised by the former SAS officer Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, his first private secretary, will take on only a handful of charitable causes.

It will be an informal role at Centrepoint which may turn into the patron's role when he is older. A friend said: "He wants to reflect not just his interests but the interests of both his parents. Diana loved Centrepoint and the Prince of Wales has been engaged for 30 years in helping disadvantaged young people through the Prince's Trust."

The charity provides support and housing to socially excluded young people aged 16 to 25.

Clarence House declined to be drawn on any of the Prince's plans but the revelation that he has undergone the first stage of officer-training assessment is the clearest sign that he is destined for Sandhurst.

The friend added: "Every King has served in the Armed Forces. William accepts that in the event that our Armed Forces are involved in war or conflict it is important when he is head of state that he has had military experience."

William's uncle the Duke of York was the last royal to see active service. In the 1982 Falklands conflict he served as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy.

A fighting heir to the throne is embedded in Royal tradition. Henry V was a boy soldier. At 14 he fought the Welsh and at 16 he commanded his father's forces at the Battle of Shrewsbury. He succeeded to the throne in 1413 aged 26 and defeated the French at Agincourt two years later. The last monarch to lead his men into battle was George II at the Battle of Dettingen in 1743. The King, a general, commanded the 50,000 British troops and their German and Austrian allies against the French.

The Prince of Wales served for five years in the Royal Navy rising to the rank of lieutenant in command of his own ship, the minehunter HMS Bronington. Prince Philip served on battleships during the Second World War. He was mentioned in dispatches for his part in a battle off Cape Matapan and was appointed First Lieutenant of the destroyer HMS Wallace at the unusually young age of 21, taking part in the Allied landings in Sicily.

By Andrew Pierce and Alexandra Frean
June 18, 2005 Times Online

cute_girl 06-18-2005 02:37 PM

seeing Will kissing Camilla is quite disgusting...

BeccaLynn07 06-18-2005 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by cute_girl
seeing Will kissing Camilla is quite disgusting...

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that...

Piewi 06-18-2005 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by cute_girl
seeing Will kissing Camilla is quite disgusting...

Agree itīs disgusting!:(

corazon 06-18-2005 06:33 PM

I agree with you, I fell sick about this

Genevieve 06-18-2005 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by cute_girl
seeing Will kissing Camilla is quite disgusting...


Originally Posted by corazon
I agree with you, I fell sick about this

Why was it disgusting and make some of you sick? :( Are you against kissing in public or something?

William was kissing his step-mother on the cheek, acknowledging her presence at the game. He didn't dip her and French her.

After other games William has kissed on the cheek his grandmother, Queen Anne Marie of Greece, Claudia Schiffer and other women. Did those kisses disgust you and make you feel sick too?

Should William have given Camilla, his step-mother, the finger instead?

Besides, it's William who kissed Camilla. Not anyone else. It's not as if anyone else's lips touched Camilla's cheek, she who is apparently the devil incarnate to some people here. :mad:

corazon 06-18-2005 08:31 PM

Genevieve. I am sorry if my commentary bothered you to you, but am Diana's fan(she is everything in my life) and, honestly, to my I does not like I to see her son with the person qye ruined the marriage of Carlos and Diana. Diana hated to Camilla and I believe that she must have cried when seeing her son (in whom she deposited all her hopes) to kiss to Camilla.

Genevieve 06-18-2005 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by corazon
Genevieve. I am sorry if my commentary bothered you to you, but am Diana's fan(she is everything in my life) and, honestly, to my I does not like I to see her son with the person qye ruined the marriage of Carlos and Diana. Diana hated to Camilla and I believe that she must have cried when seeing her son (in whom she deposited all her hopes) to kiss to Camilla.

But do you think Diana would've preferred for her son to be a rude person instead? I do not believe that Diana would've wanted her son to snub Camilla, his father's wife, and to have ignored her presence at the game, even if Diana despised Camilla. If you think that is what she would've wanted then she did a bad job in raising her son, to let him to be rude to other people to carry out or continue his mother's hatred of someone.

corazon 06-18-2005 08:49 PM

, I do not believe that diana loves that their son is crude, I do not think that, which I say is that the gesture of william to kiss camilla to diana would have made him suffer, she raised very well to his children for that reason they are the men who are, just I say that she bothered to see to me wills kiss camilla, and am not either going I to like to see to camilla in the graduation, To be there is diana's place, and by respect I believe that camilla would not have to go.

Genevieve 06-18-2005 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by corazon
, I do not believe that diana loves that their son is crude, I do not think that, which I say is that the gesture of william to kiss camilla to diana would have made him suffer, she raised very well to his children for that reason they are the men who are, just I say that she bothered to see to me wills kiss camilla, and am not either going I to like to see to camilla in the graduation, To be there is diana's place, and by respect I believe that camilla would not have to go.

I don't really understand your reply. However, nobody ever said that Camilla was trying to replace Diana and take Diana's place in William's life. Camilla and Charles are both too smart to try and do this, not to mention the fact that Camilla has two children of her own and William and Harry are much too old to allow someone or even want or let someone to replace their mother in their life.

At plenty of graduations and other important events there are parents, step parents and step grandparents. Camilla's presence as William's step mother at his graduation would make her or the Wales family any different from the other families in attendance. Having step parents is simply a fact of life in today's society.

I see no reason why Camilla should be ostracized from William and Harry's lives. It might be a different scenario if Diana were alive and it might make for a bit of a crowded house if Charles, Diana and Camilla were all at William's graduation. While that is still normal, I could potentially understand a reason for Camilla to stay home on that day but Diana is deceased and there's not reason for Camilla to stay home from important events in the lives of her step sons just because of their mother.

corazon 06-18-2005 09:08 PM

Ok, my english is terrible, I do not say that this is well or that this is bad (camilla goes to the graduation of wills), I only say that to my I do not like, nothing more. you are right, if diana lived the things would be very diferents.Y hopefully she were here....

sara1981 06-18-2005 09:27 PM

William passes first hurdle to Sandhurst

William passes first hurdle to Sandhurst
(Filed: 19/06/2005)

Prince William passed his first test to become an officer in the Armed Forces with flying colours, royal officials said yesterday.

The Prince, who is 23 on Tuesday, got a "Category 1" pass in his pre-RCB examination last Tuesday.

It is the first step to getting a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where his brother Harry is currently training.

However, Clarence House said Prince William - who graduates from St Andrews University on Thursday - has not made a final decision about his career.

BeccaLynn07 06-19-2005 12:49 AM

I personally wouldn't be able to do what he did because I too am a much bigger fan of Diana than Camilla. (I apologize if that bothers anyone, that's just me...) Yes, that's his step-mother and it's good he wasn't rude, but I think that it must be somewhat akward, and weird at first (I posted after seeing the picture without taking too much consideration, a fault on my part I suppose)...yes, if Diana were alive today things would be different. I don't think that Camilla is trying to replace Diana either. One thing to remember is that it's a picture, and I'm sure it was a quicker and less akward than looking at one picture of it. (Hopefully that makes sense.) Sorry if I offend anyone with this.

Anyways....That's really great that Will passed the first part of the entry test to Sandhurst.

(Busy week for him: his birthday is Tuesday, and graduation is Thursday, plus whatever other exams he has to take for Sandhurst.)

marezdote 06-19-2005 05:22 PM

10 Attachment(s)
Here are some pics taken at a polo match today.

marezdote 06-19-2005 05:23 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Two more of today.

carlota 06-19-2005 05:36 PM

i don't know what's so bad about him kissing her. they seem to have a good relationship and that's really good to see, that the son of the prince likes his second wife, isn't it? he was just polite and kissed her as anyone would do with a member of their family...

sara1981 06-19-2005 10:14 PM


Kate's walking on heir!,,2-2005280256,00.html

Sara Boyce

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