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Anna_R 06-02-2005 02:30 PM

"Covadonga Borbón", Diary of a Fetus (Blog)
Sadie posted in the Letizia is pregnant thread, a post made in this blog:

It's a fictional blog that depicts the life of Felipe and Letizia's unborn child.

For our non-Spanish members, I'll translate the posts chronologically in this thread.

Anna_R 06-02-2005 02:33 PM

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May 8th, 2005


I could hardly wait until everyone knew that I existed. In my family, they have this strange obsession with secrets and they kept me hidden for three months but, since now I exist officially and now I can already speak my mind without fearing to be disinherited

Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Covadonga and I'm a fetus. I know that the name isn't that great but, as mommy is Asturiana and daddy is "of Asturias", I had the luck to be given the name of the province's patroness. It is possible that you think that I didn't explain it quite well but no, I'm a fetus, in the full sense of the word, I'm still unborn and I plan to be born just around autumn. It can seem weird that, being only a fetus I'm capable of expressing myself this way, but, it isn't that weird, because my mother is a journalist and my father... well, my mother is a journalist.

And, since I'll spend half a year trapped in here, having a lot of free time until the time to come out comes, I've been thinking that it would be a great idea to write an online diary so everybody can get to know us better - me and my family and to get to know first hand all the things that a fetus goes through. I know that it doesn't seem exciting, but it is possible that it drives a lot more interest that a lot of online diaries written for people that have already been born

I assume as well that it seems strange to have ADSL in here but, given everything that had to be done to mommy so she could get pregnant, the less surprising is to have a high-speed internet connection inside the womb.

I hope that you pay me company during the next months through comments and messages, to help me go through the loneliness inside mommy.

It's certain that I'll be a girl.

lapopdiva 06-02-2005 04:00 PM

anna that diary is so funny :D and if you read the comments, everyone is playing the came with the fiction unborn child.:D

lula 06-02-2005 04:26 PM

I have already read it in Spanish and is very amused... although I believe the babby will be a boy

Sue- 06-03-2005 11:57 AM

That's great :D The drawings as well ;) Thanks for translating Anna and sadie!

carlota 06-06-2005 01:10 PM

it's a really cool board. the person who writes it really has a huge sense of humour. you will laugh a lot when you get to the parts where they tells you about the "catalan cousins" (cristina's children) and the "madrilenian cousins" (talking about her, froilan and victoria) and the madrilenian cousins turning on elena's car music to dance some summer hit... :)

Danielle 06-06-2005 02:29 PM

Aww, that's cute. I love the little drawing too. Thanks Anna_R for translating it.

eireann 06-11-2005 05:45 AM

oooh it sounds great...does anyone have time to translate more of it? especially the section mentioned by carlota? Gracias :-)

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