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Alexandria 04-19-2005 11:42 AM

Prince Félix, News and Picture Thread 3: April - July 2005
A fresh new thread for News and Pictures of Prince Felix.

The previous thread can be found here:

Happy posting!

pasiphaé 04-19-2005 11:55 AM

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2002 pic:)

Nathalian 04-19-2005 08:00 PM

I prefer the way the he´s right now....long hair....hehehe....he had such a baby face!!

lamass 04-19-2005 10:54 PM

i love the motorbike gear pictures

hillary_nugent 04-22-2005 09:52 AM

heya everyone, haven't been on lately and just got my first glimpse of the pictures of Felix at the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the GRand duke and i must say he looks really his face looks somewhat more guant and don't really like the new hairdo...

Nathalian 04-22-2005 12:15 PM

I think it depends of the angle of the picture...he looks more thin, bigger hair...but, the same...

gaggleofcrazypeople 04-22-2005 11:35 PM

Well, he has lost some weight over the past year, but I think he has put some of it back on.

msfroyste 04-23-2005 02:42 AM

i think he's "bulked up" a bit, muscle wise. as for the hair situation, i must say i do like it. i do have to agree with hillary, his face does seem a little different, as though it's become a bit more angular, although i'm not complaining b/c he IS still hot.

gaggleofcrazypeople 04-24-2005 01:38 AM

Well, it does make sense that his face has changed. Guillaume's face has changed in the past five years.

gaggleofcrazypeople 04-25-2005 12:00 AM

Well, one would assume that he is wiser and more expierenced now.

winona 04-25-2005 05:01 AM

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I wonder if you guys have ever seen these pics
Football , Luxembourg - Lichtenstein , 0-4, 13.10.2004 Football , Luxembourg - Lichtenstein , 0-4, 13.10.2004 , Pol Philipp , Prince Felix, Pol Philipp , Prince Felix

winona 04-25-2005 05:07 AM

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ALPS , Gala ,9.12.2004 , Casino 2000 de Mondorf , Prince Félix

Nathalian 04-25-2005 01:50 PM

He always wears this red tie.......but, goes with him...

gaggleofcrazypeople 04-25-2005 11:07 PM

Some of those I've seen from the hated facial hair period. I'd say they were from last fall.

ShksprNLov 04-26-2005 12:32 AM

Thanks for the photos winona, I hadn't seen those. I still can't believe that facial's gobsmacking even now.

msfroyste 04-26-2005 02:45 AM

lol! the facial hair, yes, brings back many a horrible memory. yup, a big eyesore. *shudders, hopefully that'll never happen again.

hillary_nugent 04-28-2005 07:39 AM

well he shaved when JC passed away so i think he cleaned up for his grandmother's funeral.

BeccaLynn07 04-28-2005 08:22 PM

Either way, it's still good he shaved off the facial hair, scary pictures of him with it!

cd_1 05-03-2005 05:59 AM

how old is he?

hillary_nugent 05-03-2005 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Danielle
Wonderful photos! I haven't seen those before. Thanks.

Ditto! Thanks Ysakuraba :D golly, hasn't Felix had many different hairstyles these past few years :)

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